Christmassy Mood From Tips to Toes

Christmassy Mood From Tips to Toes

It’s the end of the November, people! The Holidays are just around the corner and I’m not sure that you are perfectly prepared for the holidays with your outfit and the whole Christmassy look.

Maybe the meals are decided, the house is decorated and presents are bought, but after all that work, have you thought about yourself and more specifically, about your look? I doubt that. But I’m here to remind you how to be amazing even when you have so much work to do.

Let’s start with the tips and then we will run through the whole look all the way down to the toes. A great and easy nail art for the holidays is the one with the decorated Christmas trees. And when you see how easy, indeed it is, you will fall in love with it. Check it out:

  • The primer. I’m sorry if I repeat the things all over again and that I’m getting super annoying with these repeats, but it’s really, really important in order to save the health and the good look of your nails. So, just apply a thin layer of some transparent nail polish. A top coat will do the work. I, personally, use my nail strengthener, it’s doing a double job – prevent the staining and keep my nails strong and smooth.
  • It is also better to dedicate a little bit more time to your nail art. If you want to enjoy perfectly satisfying results, you have to allow every single layer of nail polish or decoration to dry completely, before you apply the next coat of nail polish.
  • So, when the basic steps are clear we should move to the next one – the basic color. As we are about to draw a Christmas tree, the background should be light and pale in order to create nice contrast with the dark green tree. So, you can easily use pale green nail polish. Apply twice if you are not satisfied with the coverage.
  • When that layer is dry, stick two strips of paper tape in order to create a triangle. That will be your tree. Fill in that triangle with green nail polish and with golden or silver glitter nail polish (these would be your lights). You can draw or just stick a decorating piece of a little star.
  • Finish the whole decoration with a top coat.


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