Clever Solutions To Fashion Problems

Clever Solutions To Fashion Problems

We, women, are very emotional human beings and we let simple things to irritate us. Often, the  things that irritates us the most, are those, which have something to do with our appearance, especially when this small thing makes us look bad or out of shape. But let me show you some solutions for these small things that can ruin your mood, therefore your day:

  • If your soft, gentle tights got stuck in something pointy, like a nail, chair, zipper, etc., the most natural thing to happen is to start a run into the fabric. This small hole can create a long, ugly run, which can get extremely ugly if you are wearing colored tights, especially black. So, if  you attend to go outside with tights, put in your bag a bottle of  transparent nail polish or hairspray, both of these products will harden the fabric and stop the run, if they are applied immediately to the affected area.

  • Sometimes your maxi dress, skirt or pants get too intimate with your legs because of the static electricity between them, you have to stop this love from going on. Because of the static cling, one time I almost broke my nose, because I fell down, unable to stop myself from hitting the street with my face, my hands were busy with shopping bags. Terrible experience, believe me! For a while I haven’t worn any long, gorgeous skirts, but then a friend of mine told me how to remove the static. And it is really simple –  dampen your hands with water and brush your legs, or just spray your legs with a hair spray to diffuse the static. Simple and easy to be done.

  • Fake hem when needed. Imagine this scenario:  you had prepared clothes for work for the previous night, but in the morning you see that your new pants need to be tailored and you forgot about that. Don’t worry, don’t change your decision about the pants, just make a fake hem. It is simple – first of all, iron the fold in order to create precise end of the legs, then stick the fold with a double-sided tape. Now you will be able to wear your brand new pants all day without a concern about the length. But remember to give them tailored afterwards.

  • Every girl that is a true shoe-lover, will find it a little bit disturbing if her favorite high heeled shoes break and one of the heels comes off the sole of the shoe. It is a true disaster. Fortunately, you can carry on with your daily tasks by gluing the heel to the sole with a fast-drying superglue, but it won’t work forever. You have to throw them away or give them to be repaired.

  • A new shoe pain, which creates wounds in the skin afterwards can be prevented with band-aids of course, but if you can’t see a drugstore nearby, you can apply a lip balm on the spot and it will work as a layer of protection until you reach the closest drug store.

  • If you have lost the back of an earring,  you can use the rubber of a pencil, in order to keep the earring on the ear.

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