Colorful Combinations For The Warm Seasons 2015

Colorful Combinations For The Warm Seasons 2015

The right mix of colors is essential for the perfect look of every lady. Moreover, there are trends among colors too and you can easily notice that on the fashion shows twice a year, where the magic about gorgeous and fashionable models, styles and colors mix into one single runway. These trends help us to form our personal style and look stunningly good every single day. I want to talk about colors today, not just any colors, but the trendy combinations of Spring/Summer 2015. Take a look:


  • Yellow, Blue & Green. When you wear such bright colors, you have to create a balanced border line between the look of a clown and the look of a stylish woman. Let the yellow be bright and intense, but choose the pastel shades of the rest colors.
  • Pink world. Well, I’m not talking only about pink, but I want to use the pink palette to give you an example of a great spring look – light blue jeans, peach shirt, vest that includes those color and more, purple, blue, hot pink and golden accessories covered with gems and studs.
  • Orange & Blue. This is one of my favorite combinations. Choose two accents and let them be the orange and blue items of your outfit, then keep going with softer and neutral colors, like the beige color.
  • Ocean dream – light blue, white and sand colors. The first thing that comes up in my head is an Ombre maxi skirt and large accessories.
  • Brown, turquoise and beige for the chilly nights.
  • White, purple and black will be a perfect combination for a work day and you will be the queen of the office.
  • The Baby Doll Look – Pastel Blue and Pastel Pink. These colors will make every girl look innocent and feminine, and if you have blonde hair, you will match perfectly the soft golden tones of your hair with the pink and blue pastel colors.
  • Vintage look – pumpkin orange, beige, pastel green. Because the vintage is a trend that will stay forever.
  • Darker look for the rainy days: khaki, purple and denim blue. Match those colors by wearing jeans, scarf and oversized shirt, a pair of boots will suit you, because I suggest you to save this outfit for the rainy days.
  • Oriental prints full of pink, turquoise and gray. The pink and the turquoise are the colors that will draw attention, but the gray color will keep the balance and it will create a look that is stylish, not kitschy.
  • Red and beige. A stylish look for a stylish woman. You can use the red only on your lips and keep the clothes neutral so the accent will be right on your face, on your stunning lips.
  • Black jacket, maxi black and white skirt and pink top – the bright top will be the accent of your outfit.
  • Denim clothes, white colors and bright accessories – the summer look that will blow your mind.

These are the trends among colors and their combinations Enjoy the warm seasons with a great look!


Image Source: Fotolia

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