Colorless Products You Need to Own

Colorless Products You Need to Own

The first thought you maybe have when you hear the word “make up”, you probably immediately think of bright colors, multiple shades of eyeshadow, lipstick and blush, or boldness in the look. However, make up has evolved a lot lately, especially when we compare it to what it consisted of in the ‘20s when smoky eyes, bold eyeliner, dark lip colors and rosy cheeks ruled the beauty concepts. Nowadays, there are tons of methods to make your face looking as natural as possible while trying to make your skin flawless, to even your skin tone or to make your eyes look bigger. The good news is that there are many colorless products out there to help you, but you need to master the techniques of usage in order to apply them correctly. So which are those colorless products that we are raving so much about?

  • Clear brow gel: We will star from the top of your face. The shape and texture of your eye brows can change your appearance dramatically. You may opt out for a tinted one, but before you have mastered the tricks of choosing the right shades, you can use a clear one. It gets rid of any unruliness, puts together the hairs, and shapes them perfectly. When they look fuller, more defined and precise, your whole appearance will be far more polished.
  • Colorless powder: Powder has the ability to make your makeup stay in place, finish off your look and make your skin look even better. A regular translucent powder will not change the foundation color you have picked out and will not ruin the even skin tone you have achieved when you are in a hurry. You can also apply it during the day to set your makeup and preserve what you have done earlier the same day.
  • Eyeshadow primer: Primers in all their variations can make other cosmetic products look better, enhance their color and prolong their effect. The colorless eyeshadow primer will even the color of your eyelid and make your eyeshadow last longer and be more vibrant. It can help even cheap eyeshadows be a lot better!
  • Colorless lip liner: Yes, that is a thing! You do not need to use a colored lip liner in order to achieve the best effect on your lips and make them more seductive! A colorless lip liner is a good tool for people who are beginners in the makeup application. It can prepare your lips for lipstick, defines their edges and prevents the color from smudging. It will make the whole process a lot easier and will make your lipstick long lasting!

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