Cosmetic Products which You Do Not Need to Buy

Cosmetic Products which You Do Not Need to Buy

Women today are placed under a lot of pressure to look good: media often creates an image of female beauty that is hard, if not impossible to achieve, since it is aided by Photoshop and tons of professional makeup. However, we all strive to look our best and end up spending a great amount of money on beauty products every month: to start with face products, hair products, body products, etc. Furthermore, if you want to go for the best-quality brands, you can end up close to bankrupt since they can be crazy expensive!

Even though there is a great variety available in drugstores and our inner shopping-maniac wants to buy everything new that the industry has prepared for us, there is a number of products you can actually prepare on your own. The best thing about DIY cosmetics is that you are sure about their content and they often include the same ingredients, oils, fruit or vegetables that are used in the industry. Take a look of the list of products you can prepare yourself at home and save lots of money!

  • Toner: Even though it is not one of the most significant products in our skincare routine, we often grab it while we are shopping for cleansers and moisturizers. Its functions include cleansing, moisturizing and (surprise, surprise!) toning your face! However, you can achieve the same results if you splash your face with water twice: first with warm and after that with cold water. This routine, repeated twice a day, will help the shrinking of pores and increase blood flow.
  • Foot Cream: Actually, foot masks and cream our irrelevant in your shopping list. If you suffer from very rough skin on your foot soles and the skin even cracks sometimes, you simply need to treat them with pumice which will get rid of dead skin. Afterwards, simply soak your feet in warm water. You can also apply olive oil to our feet and wrap them in nylon bags for half an hour. This treatment will effectively nourish and moisturize your feet.
  • Hair Mask: There are so many recipes for hair masks on the Internet for all types of problems: dry hair, oily hair, split ends, dandruff, etc. Homemade hair masks are actually the most effective options because they use the pure ingredients which can easily nourish your hair or heal your scalp. Beer, essential oils, camomile, and many others are great, easy and affordable alternatives to the pricey deep conditioners, sold in stores!
  • Makeup Primer: Do not listen to what advertisements claim: you do not need to use a makeup primer on a daily basis! After all, brands’ main aim is to sell as many products as possible. However, all you need for a regular daily or even evening makeup is  a light moisturizing cream that is easily absorbed by your skin (so it does not create a shiny effect on your face).
  • Anti- cellulite products: Fighting cellulite is a very difficult task and there is no single product that can save you from this annoying skin condition. It is better to rely on a healthy diet, lots of water consumption, regular exercise and massages. Anti-cellulite products sold in stores usually do not have any significant effect, so it is better to use a homemade body scrub made of coffee!

Next time you are heading for the drugstore, do your research fist. You will end up saving money on products that can be made at home and will achieve probably even greater effect!


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