Disney Movies Recast – Is It Possible?

Disney Movies Recast – Is It Possible?

Have you ever wondered which actors are capable of playing the roles of your favorite Disney animated characters? Well, Thomas Kurniawan did. He is a photoshop artist and what he did is simply amazing. He took amazing movies and amazing actors and photoshoped a movie poster. Take a look what he created:

Do you think Scarlett Johansson will make a gorgeous Elsa from Frozen? As Thomas presented us, I think she is perfect for the role:

1. scarlett j 1. scarlett


Gal Gadot is Miss Israel of 2004 and now she is an actress and fashion model. So far she has the best beauty qualities of being a Disney princess and see which role Thomas gave her:

2. jasmine 2. jasminee


The America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift will be a perfect Cinderella according to the following movie poster:

3. taylor swift 3. taylor


Our so favorite singer, Katy Perry will be the 7 dwarfs friend – the beautiful Snow White:

4. snow white k 4. snow white


Amanda Seyfried looks amazing dressed in the brave Merida’s dress:

5. merida


See how many pictures were needed for the recreation of the Mulan poster, where the main princess will be played by Tang Wei:

6. mulan t 6. mulan


Naya Rivera is one great actress, which means that she is capable of playing any kind of role, even Pocahontas:

7 pocahontas naya 7. pocahontas


And the sweet Diana Agron will await the prince to kiss her and wake her up from her sleeping spell:

8. sleeping b 8. sleeping be


The adorable Lilly Collins as Belle from Beauty and the Beast:

9. belle l 9. belle


Oh, Emma. Imagine the beautiful Emma Watson, partnered with Henry Cavill in the story of The Little Mermaid:

10. emma w 10. emma


I love Tangled and I would love to see a version of it where Hayden Panettiere and Jake Gyllenhaal are staring:

11. tangled  h 11. tangled


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