Double Braided Bouffant: Step by Step Tutorial

Double Braided Bouffant: Step by Step Tutorial

The best way to keep your head from heating too much during the summer is to wear a light colored hat. But when the hair freely touches your back and neck, you will feel like you are suffocating underneath the thick layer of your hair. A great way to have your hair off your body is to tie it into a ponytail. But even greater way is to split it into a braid. And when you create a good looking braided hairstyle, you won’t need to hide your head under a hat, because your hairstyle will be so beautiful that you will want to show it to everybody. Down below you will find an idea for a braided updo. Make sure that you have the right tools and an extra pair of hands, because you will find it difficult to do it by yourself:

  • Make a side parting.

  • Make the bouffant with a teasing comb and a hair spray.

  • Weave inside-out braid and gradually pull the hair to the side to create a voluminous tresses.

  • Spray it all with hair spray so that your hair back is not delayed.

  • As soon as the hair is braided, pull your hair where it doesn’t look finished and spritz with the hair spray again.

  • Fix the braid one more time with the hair spray through the entire length of the braid.

  • Repeat the same routine of braiding and spritzing with the other side of the hair.

  • The tresses are ready and now you will have to connect them into a beautiful rose in order to escape from the summer hotness.

  • Twist the first braid into a roll and secure it with a pin.

  • Then twist the other braid around the first one and secure it again with a pin.

  • All done! Now enjoy your time while having a beautiful hairstyle.

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