Easy Trick For Huge Lashes

Easy Trick For Huge Lashes

There are some basic rules when you learn more about makeup. These rules are well known and every girl follow them without any complaint, because these rules are working in our favor. After all, the meaning of the existence of the makeup is to make us look prettier. One of these rules is the Mascara application. It’s a must-have-done step of the makeup procedure.

Every girl knows that the eyelashes are one very important part of the eyes appearance and style. Every eye makeup needs the lashes to be enhanced and bold. If you leave them “naked” you’ll have some hard time getting many compliments about your look. But I’m here to show you a little trick for having huge eye lashes. Take a look and try it at home:

  • After your whole makeup is done, you can apply the mascara. This makeup product is the last one to be applied to you. So, pick up your eyelash curler and see what comes next.
  • Clean the eyelash curler from previous mascara leftovers. Take your hair dryer and blow the curler. You are heating the clips of the curler. You see what we did here – small eyelash curling iron. When you think the curler is warm enough, test it on your hand in order not to hurt your eye.
  • Pinch the eyelashes and apply mascara only at the tips of the hairs as they are secured into the eyelash curler. Remove carefully the eyelash curler.
  • Apply mascara also at the bottom lashes if it’s necessary and now you have huge and windy eyelashes.

Sometimes it’s better for us to follow the rules, no matter how exciting it is not to follow them. But the beauty rules are enjoyable!


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