Eating Habits For Long & Healthy Life

Eating Habits For Long & Healthy Life

It is a cliche to talk about eating habits, sport, etc., but some people don’t get it how important it is to have a healthy lifestyle. It is not important only for you, but for your children too. One day you will pass your genes to your children and if your habits are healthy and good, they will take that from you. And also, you will feel better and you will look better. The time of Zero Size craze is over, but now has come the time of Fit Bodies and this trend can be achieved only with proper eating and sporting activities. Today I want to talk about eating habits that will help you adjust to a healthier lifestyle, which will lead to a better feeling of your body and gorgeous look. Here are the eating habits I am talking about:

  • Teach your body to eat less. Look at your hand. Fold it into a fist. That’s the portion that is enough for you to give your body the proper amount of energy to work until the next meal. If you fill in that fist with the proper amount and type of proteins and carbohydrates, you will feel no hunger. So, the fist should be full of: protein (fish, beef, chicken, tofu, eggs or beans), vegetables, carbohydrates (grains like brown rice, quinoa, lentils, pumpkin, butternut. And also try to follow the pyramid of the proper daily meals – breakfast is the biggest, lunch smaller and dinner the smaller.
  • The portions can be easily controlled if you eat in smaller plate or bowl. The bigger plate will fool your eyes that you will eat not enough food if you place the fist-amount in the large plate. So, buy smaller plates and eat the food in them, or eat in plates for cakes. This is an illusion only for your eyes, but your body and stomach will be thankful for this show, so, take advantage of it!
  • Don’t eat while you watch TV, be serious about it. While you eat, you should think of the food, eat slowly and think about the consequences of the food you are eating. Chew many times and enjoy the food. If you distract yourself with something else, you will eat more than you need, because your mind will be occupied with something else, which is not eating and you will forget about that, which will turn the body into automatic mode and you will eat until the food is over and be sure that you will still feel hungry after this automatic mode. Take breaks between the bites, don’t put another bite while you are still chewing the precious one.
  • Colorful plate is a good plate. Your favorite food colors must be: green, purple, red, yellow, orange, white. There are so many vegetables and fruits that are both delicious and nutritious, your job is to find these foods that make you feel satisfied while you eat them. The green ones are my favorites: leafy greens, green vegetables and  green foods (kiwis and apples are in my top 5). Go for peppers, oranges, coconut, bananas, watermelon, all the berries, etc. Just decorate your plate in these colors and you will feel the difference soon.
  • Forget about mood eating. If can’t quit the snack, at least try to take healthy snacks – energy bars, vegetables, nuts, fruits, etc. Forget about the chips and sodas. Always drink water and freshly squeezed juices of fruits.


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