Eight Fashion Rules You Are Allowed to Break
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Eight Fashion Rules You Are Allowed to Break

According to some people, fashion is one of the most complicated concepts in the world. It has diverse meanings in the minds of different individuals: some may perceive it as art, while others – as the next way to exploit workers and to create money. Fashion and the corresponding industry have a huge impact on our lives, from psychological disorders (being too conscious about your body, for example) to environmental impact. The truth is fashion is about much more than going to the mall shopping.

Fashion is a way for people to express themselves, their attitude towards life, their character, their emotions and artistry. There are tons of books written on the topic and experts are unstoppable with claiming what trends are and what we should be wearing according to our body type. The truth is that these rules should be forgotten just because fashion is art and art is a matter of personal experience. You do not believe us? Check out which fashion rules you are actually allowed to break and still look fabulous:

  • White in Fall? Why not! We absolutely neglect the sentence “No white after labor day”. In September, you tan might have not fully faded out, so why not accentuate it with a white dress or top? Besides, check out Olivia Pope from Scandal, one of TV’s fashion icons, and her amazing all-white work outfits during the colder Washington months. White is gorgeous and if it is your color, you should not abandon it at any time during the year.
  • Same goes for pastels: people usually associate them with spring or summer. Well, newsflash: baby pink or blue oversized coats are a great outerwear piece for the winter!
  • Also, if you want to wear black in summer, you should just wear it. Yes, you might feel the heat a little more, but if that is your style, why should you let others tell you what to wear?
  • Being tall means that you should forget about heels: well, sorry, but that is not fair! There are so many tall girls that would love to rock a stiletto or a caged sandal, but think they should not, just because they will soar over everyone else. Well, nature has given you long legs, so you might as well emphasize them. You should not care about your height and simply embrace it!
  • Black and brown are not to be matched: actually, no. This is an old, probably ancient fashion rule that you do not need to obey. Black jeans with brown ankle boots look cool and edgy, so rock them and forget about what the “experts” are saying! It all depends on your skin color and your style imagination.
  • There are is a set of basics you should have in your wardrobe in order to look good. Well, not really. Yes, guides to a basic fashion collection can be helpful if you want to start from somewhere and your knowledge about style is close to a zero. However, you do not need to own black pumps or a striped T-shirt if they simply do not fit your appearance, your social role, the dress code you maintain or even just your taste.
  • Maxi dresses are only for tall women: yeah, right! Boho maxi dresses are a great choice for the summer, and petite girls can pull them off as well as whoever else wants to. If you are really conscious about looking too short, you can wear them with wedge sandals. Also, a low back maxi dress will create an illusion of an elongated figure. Overall, maxi dresses may somewhat emphasize your height, but that does not mean you will not look good.
  • Gold and silver is another combination that is usually condemned. However, you may have noticed how more and more fashion icons have mixed jewelry on their wrists or necks. The truth is that the right balance can look amazing!

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