Europe’s Hidden Gem: Prague, the Czech Capital
Card with night views of Prague

Europe’s Hidden Gem: Prague, the Czech Capital

We all know the main tourist destinations in terms of capitals in Europe: London, Paris, Rome… These huge cities have a long history, lots of opportunities for sightseeing and shopping and are often portrayed in Hollywood movies; thus, they have become dream destinations for many travelers. However, Central and Eastern European countries also have their beautiful capitals with amazing prospects for a great travel experience. Once of our personal favorites is Prague.

The capital city of the Czech Republic is a beautiful, magical place with an impressive history. It has existed for over a millennium: isn’t it that impressive? A city with such a great past is for sure a place with an enchanting atmosphere. A terrible fire demolished Prague in the 17th century; however, that awful event simply triggered the renovation and rebuilding of the city. The industrial developments in the city helped its economic state for centuries. Since 1993 Prague has been the official capital of the Czech Republic, after the split of Czechoslovakia. Ever since then it has been a city associated with astonishing architecture, high-quality beer and romantic experiences.

The architecture of Prague is one of its most impressive assets. The city can depict a millennium worth of architectural masterpieces as it has been a capital of the Holy Roman Empirein the 14th century and it has avoided severe destruction during wars. If you have a passion for architecture and have a good level of knowledge, you will recognize styles like Romanesque, Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque, neoclassical and art nouveau. The contrasts between buildings will create awesome material for your Instagram pictures, we promise!

But what are some of the best things to do in Prague, the greatest sights to see or museums to visit?

  • Prague Castle: You cannot visit Prague and miss this! It is the biggest ancient castle in the world. You can enjoy beautiful views when you are in it.
  • The Old Town: This is the historic district of the Czech capital. The atmosphere in this region is marvelous and it will take you back to a different time period with its centre, Old Town Square, a main marketplace for a millennium. The streets are not straight, but curve as if nature has created them.  Definitely check out the city’s famous Astronomical Clock!
  • Kafka Museum: For literature lovers this is a tremendous place to look at the permanent exhibition at Franz Kafka’s house.
  • Czech National Museum: If you have a thing museums, this is the place to go in order to grasp Czech culture at its best.
  • Charles Bridge: An architectural masterpiece as well, this is the bridge that connects the Prague Castle and the old town. A stroll down this bridge is a must for a tourist and it is amazing that its construction actually started in the 1300s!
Card with night views of Prague

Card with night views of Prague

When it comes to transport, Prague is quite easily accessible by different means of transport. If you are a train-lover, you can get to Prague for a little less than 5 hours if travelling from Berlin or Vienna, for 4 hours if you are coming from Bratislava, or for 8 hours when your departure location if Warsaw. Prague’s location makes it a great destination for a stop during a Eurotrip over the summer, for instance! Not to mention that, of course, there is an airport in the city, just twenty kilometers away from the centre of the capital.  Getting there by bus or by car from any point in Europe is also possible.

Within the city, you will have the chance to walk around a lot. You can get from the Old Town to Charles Bridge and the Castle District by foot without any problem! Check the forecast prior your trip to the amazing Czech capital and you will be able to plan your walks according to the appearance of sunshine or lack of rain. There are other ways to move around, of course: tram, metro, bus, taxi.

While you are in Prague, remember to also enjoy the local cuisine and order the special Czech beer at least once!

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