Family Gifts for Christmas

Family Gifts for Christmas

Nobody can deny that Christmas has become a commercialized holiday worldwide. Despite the crisis, for example, in the Mecca of consumerism, USA, in their famous “Black Friday” (the official start of Christmas shopping, accompanied by huge discounts) reported record earnings.

During Christmas in the head of each is nested the following thought “It is Christmas time. Maybe the rest of the year we try to save as much as possible, but at least once a year it is time to relax and enjoy our time, spend some money on presents and home decorations and induldge ourselves in a nice, happy holiday that gathers the whole family around.” Except the amount of money that is sprayed for the New Year’s table, a huge part of the annual budget goes towards gifts we buy for the nearest of family and friends. Traders try to stimulate consumerism by tickling our notions of luxury and social prestige – the best, most expensive, the novelty or fashion. And that range from alcohol and toys right up to technology. Each one of them is in a race to offer the “dream Christmas present”. While windows and glossy catalogs and advertisements whisper to us at every turn, “Buy, buy, buy …”, here are some ideas for a different Christmas gifts. They will not leave a horrible hole in the budget; will have a constant presence in your lives – a much needed change from sense of emptiness that the usual disposal of the luxury of paper and the euphoria leases behind.

For the whole family

There are some couples who prefer to donate Christmas gifts to their home, instead of each other. Examples of gifts for home include an appliance, a new item of furniture or any need that arose at home during this year. So, for just a couple of years you can renovate your home. Great idea, right?

But if you cannot make up your mind on a gift yet, a donation to a charity is a great way to donate happiness, not only for you, but for many others, in a less privileged position than you. The case is that during Christmas causes compete for our attention with full powers. Unfortunately, the choice is huge: children in care, patients with diagnoses that require difficult and expensive treatment, old people, building churches and homes for the rehabilitation of victims of violence. However small the amount, it is still a great help, and the satisfaction that you will feel is priceless gift.

As for the children, they are actually the most difficult. Inflexible in its demands, with burning eyes, they more or less expect the grand arrival of Santa Claus with a full sack. What do you give them? You can gently implying the idea that not all gifts are measured in toys, especially those advertised on children’s television channels. Of course, without even modest physical gift we can not go, but here are some additional ideas: Deposit account in a bank – open a children’s deposit account and import a small amount even for any festive occasion, surely we will help more for the future of the child, rather than one expensive toy for the same amount.

And do not forget that Christmas is a family, intimate even, celebration. Modesty, coziness, tranquility, talks and family fun should be the focus of the Christmas table and holidays. And the most valuable thing we can give as a present is each other’s time spent together.

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