Five Emergency Summer Outfit Ideas
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Five Emergency Summer Outfit Ideas

Have you ever stood in front of your closet with a confused mind and no idea what clothes to put on in order to feel confident and happy? We will not believe you if you say you haven’t! Every woman has encountered the unfortunate lack of inspiration for an outfit. Whether it is a special occasion, a job interview, or just going out to grab some coffee with friends or a walk in the park, some of us like to be on top of our fashion game whatever happens. However, we do not always have the required muse that would make us satisfied with our appearance. Unless you have something freshly bought, you might not really know how to proceed in such a situation. So what should you do?

Well, smart fashionistas always have some “go-to” outfit ideas that help them out in emergencies. You need to be prepared in advance if you want to feel confident. If you are sure in your appearance, you will radiate the confidence and be even more successful in whatever you are doing in the meantime. The best strategy is to build a well-composed network of outfits. Mixing and matching is a lot smarter (and cheaper) than having a plethora of clothes just lying around in your closet. Here are some ideas for emergency summer outfits that you can try and use the next time you are feeling lost in front of your wardrobe!

  • A very stylish and feminine option is the maxi skirt. You probably own one already: whether it is a pleated one, with a floral pattern, in a bright color or simply black, it can be a safe way to go. It works for a date night, dinner with the girls or even a night out! Combined with a sleeveless collared shirt, tucked into the dress, you will look your absolute best. One of the greatest things about this look that it allows you a certain versatility in your choice of shoes: platforms, flat sandals, ballerina shoes or sneakers, they all work! It is just a matter of mood and personal taste. Add a few cuffs or a statement necklace and you are ready to go!
  • If you are not so romantic, you can always go for a pair of denim shorts. If you do not own a pair yet, you absolutely must correct the mistake and add them to your collection, as they are a comfortable, versatile and trendy piece! Wear them with a white t-shirt and your minimalist look is finished. This combination allows you to let your imagination go. If you are going out clubbing, put on your heeled sandals. In case you are going for a walk, sneakers would be a better choice. Add a leather jacket or a parka, a bright clutch and aviator sunglasses and you will look like an absolute fashionista!
  • Floral skater dresses are the perfect escape when you are in a dead end in your outfit choice. They are classy, yet not too elegant; fun and girly, but can be made more edgy with your Converse on and a biker or bomber jacket! Perfect for the summer days!
  • Harem pants are a great option for girls who love a bohemian vibe. However, they can be extremely sexy too. A strapless top will reveal your collar bones and shoulders in a seductive way. Pull your hair up in a messy bun, add a pair of big earrings and you will look like a goddess!
  • The white dress is something that you should definitely have in your summer clothes collection, because it will accentuate your bronze tan in the most amazing way. It is basically the alternative to the little black dress. Whether you go for a strappy maxi version or a mini dress, it will look great with a denim jacket on and a pair of slip-ons or gladiator sandals, which are a huge hit this summer!

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