Foods For Healthy Heart

Foods For Healthy Heart

When someone asks you which is the most important organ in your body, your answer must be immediate – the Heart. It keeps us alive and strong and our job is to take good care of the things that keep us alive and strong, this is the way to thank them. And how we can thank our Heart – with good food, calm and happy life and sport. Today we will pay attention to the foods that are spoiling the heart. They will keep it strong and motivated to work. Take a look and check if these foods are included in your menu, and if not – do everything you can to include them:

Oatmeal nuts. They are rich in vitamins W and E, which support the work of your heart. They are also rich in fibers, which are also great for your heart. According to research by New Your University shows that eating oatmeal nuts reduces the risk of heart issues up to 30%. So next time you are in the store, put some oatmeal in the cart.

Legumes. Legumes are rich in healthy fats, which are great for your whole body, especially for your heart. They are also rich in proteins and reduces the level of the cholesterol. Doctors advices us to consume at least three times a week legumes. So, include them in your menu and your heart will thank you for this gift.

Nuts. As you know, nuts are rich in omega-3 fats, that supports the heart. They reduce the level of stress and also cholesterol, which makes 00M-651 them perfect snack for the afternoon. They are also full of fibers, vitamin E and magnesium. Replace the chips with some nuts and everything will be just great.

Fish. The fish is the best friend of the heart. It gives your body protein and omega-3 fats, these two ingredients are extremely vital to your heart. According to cardio doctors, you should eat fish meals at least 2 times a week. This is a well known fact and you should follow that common rule if you want to take good care of your body.

Veggies. Vegetables are full of fibers and vitamins, which makes them perfect for your heart and whole body. Be sure that you are eating vegetables every day.

As I told you what to eat in order to flatter the work of your heart, I feel obligated to tell you what NOT to eat, too. So, let’s see:

Processed meats, such as hot dogs, bacon, sausage, salami and so on.

Sugary drinks.

Highly refined and processed grains and carbohydrates. These are white bread, white rice and low-fiber breakfast cereals.

Add to the healthy foods some other activities and you’ll feel the difference. You’ll breath easier, you will feel lighter and happier. Do some exercises every week,
E20-097 at least three times. Meet your friends regularly. Try to stay positive and calm. Avoid junk foods, drink a lot of water, laugh, relax, learn, travel, meet new people. Live your life!

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