Get Huge Lashes Only With Your Mascara

Get Huge Lashes Only With Your Mascara

There are certain tricks and tips for making your lashes long and voluminous even without the annoying need of sticking and dealing with fake lashes. Check them out:

If your lashes are thin and short you can use a baby powder before you apply a single coat of mascara. Take an old mascara brush, clean it well and use it to apply a thin layer of the powder. That’s how your lashes will become thick and fluffy.

When it comes to the eyelash curler there are at least two tricks I can come up. First of all, you can heat the curler with your hair dryer. It will work just like your curling iron. The other way to use your curler as a tool for enlarging your lashes (not only for curling them) is to position the curler as close to the toots of your lash line as possible, be careful not to pinch your skin. That’s the way to lift the lashes really high. After you clamped the base of the lashes, move the curler a little away from the roots and press again, but gently and slightly.

Hold the mascara brush horizontally at the base of the lashes and move the brush gently to the right and to the left and then brush up to the top of the lashes. Apply two or three layers, but allow each layer to dry.

Make them look even longer with this trick: elongate the center lashes by using just the tip of the brush, stretch them up and high. Also take good care of the baby hairs in your lower lash line. This way you will create contrast between the lash line and the white of your eye, and while your lashes look bigger and thicker, your eyes will look wide open and doll-huge. And if you want to lift up the outer corner of the eye, add another coat of mascara, but just at the outer half of the lashes.

To create a feathery look you should brush the top of your lashes with an eyelash comb. To avoid any smudging you can finish the whole procedure with a waterproof mascara.

After all these tips I’m sure that your eyes will be so well defined that no one would resist your look. And everyone will think that you have some fake lashes glued on your eyelids.


Image :  Serg-Zastavkin Fotolia

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