Hair Volume Saving Tips

Hair Volume Saving Tips

One day you have perfect volume in your roots, but the other day it’s all gone. You start to ask questions and to doubt your techniques and beauty skills. Why is that happening? Am I doing anything wrong? How to do the right thing? And which are the right things for saving my volume at least a few days? If you keep reading this article you will find some very useful tips, which come directly from the professionals.

First things first: pick up the right hairstyle for you, the one that will flatter your face. Analyze your hair and define how often it gets oily and is it prone enough to make different changes, from straightening, through back-combing, to the curling. Some hair types are extremely alive and they just don’t allow any changes to them. If you curl it, it will straighten right away if it is naturally straight, and if you straighten it, it will curl after an hour. If your hair is that stubborn kind of hair you can’t do much about it, just love it the way it is. But your hair the one that is good enough to let you do whatever you like to it, well, you are a lucky girl. Only a nice, simple blowout will make it voluminous all day. But how to keep it at least three more days?

The products are important. You can’t trust your hair to hold that volume for three or more days without any hair products. If your hair is thin, you should use a root lifter and if it’s thick – smoothing serum will work perfectly. Also, when the hair starts to look oily, you can use dry shampoo, but not too much, just wash it on the fourth day and start the whole procedure all over again.

Bed time. When you are about to go to sleep tie your hair into a really high loose ponytail. Use soft hair band and don’t tie it too tightly, as long as it holds the hair strands not falling around. Great way to prevent the falling strands is to make a bun, just fold it.

Another trick is to sleep with three huge hair rolls. They will make the volume big and fluffy and the ends alive and curly.

Take good care of your hair and it will look amazing as a reward for your hard work! Have fun and be amazing!


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