Homemade Lip Product Ideas
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Homemade Lip Product Ideas

Every girl loves having an opulent arsenal of beauty products in her drawer. First of all, you body care collection usually requires a shower gel, a lotion or body butter, probably a scrub, something for hair removal and fragrances, of course. Then, you have your face products: moisturizer, eye cream, cleanser, mask, scrub, some special treatment, and makeup, of course. Finally, you have your hair, which often requires lots of special care, especially in the summer. Whether it is oily or dry, colored or absolutely natural, you need to choose the right shampoo, conditioner, a mask or an oil maybe. Overall, the point is that each element of your appearance requires special care if you want to enjoy it looking fresh and being healthy for as long as possible.

However, there are certain parts of your body that you might be neglecting without even noticing. One of them is your lips. Maybe you are a firm believer in the power of the seductive red lip or you have a ton of glossy lip products to spice up your makeup look. Still, lips require special care as well as your under-eye area or your hair. The skin of your lips is very sensitive and needs to be protected from cold and wind, as well as from the harmful UV rays. Even if you have at least one lip balm at the bottom of each of your handbags, that does not mean that you are doing it right. So why not go natural in your lip care routine and start making your own products? Not only will you know exactly what they contain, but also you will have a fun hobby and will enjoy extremely effective results. Take a look at a few DIY recipes for lip products that you can start making on your own as soon as possible:

DIY Colored Lip Balm

You can make your own lip balm with a tint with absolutely natural ingredients and for probably less than ten minutes. You can improvise with the natural oils you will be using or stick to what you have. The most important thing about this recipe is to follow carefully the proportions of the amounts of beeswax and oils.

For the color of the product you can use mica, a natural pigment based on minerals. It can be found in every hue you want!

The ingredients for this recipe is: two empty shells for lipstick, 2 grams of purified beeswax, 2 grams of virgin coconut oil, 4 grams of jojoba oil and of virgin olive oil and a gram of mica pigment with the color of your choice.

You need to measure the beeswax and the oils and pour them in a fireproof container. Melt them in a water bath. Measure the weight of the mica pigment you have chosen and add it to the mixture. Remove it from the water bath and wait for fifteen to thirty seconds. Then stir with a spatula. Move the mixture of beeswax, oils and pigment in a clean, disinfected lipstick shell or in any little container you can use for the lip balm. Leave it to cool down for ten minutes. Now you have a colored lip balm that will last long and is harmless!

DIY Lip Scrub

You need not only to moisturize your lips, but also get rid of dead skin that is making them uneven; thus, making the application of lipstick messy. You will need only a teaspoon of sugar or salt (or both!), a little olive oil, some Vaseline or lip balm and an empty container. Mix the ingredients together, then rub them onto your lips and rinse them off. Great and easy!

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