Homemade Recipe For Flat Stomach

Homemade Recipe For Flat Stomach

Today I’m in a mood to talk about getting fit. I’ve gained some weight recently and I really need to do something about it, because the winter is almost here, and it is bringing Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas – friends, which are encouraging me to eat a lot. Remember that getting fit is a mixture of many factors – eating, exercising, daily habits, stress, mood and so on. If you want a perfect body you need to dedicate to that wish and work really hard to achieve it. But if you feel fine with yourself and you like the reflection in the mirror – that’s amazing. Just try to keep and save the body you already have and adore.

But if you want to change something about your body you should get started right now. I think that it’s essential to change the little stuff. Replace the sandwich with cereal breakfast. Replace the candy bar with an apple. Replace the soda with a fresh fruit juice. Take the stairs, not the elevator. Drink a lot of water. There are so many ways to change your eating habits that you’ll be amazed how easy it is to get rid of some fat just with a couple of changes in your menu.

My favorite advice about eating is about the plate. When you are serving yourself, choose a small plate and put the food in it. If you are eating in a huge plate you will fill all of it. In fact, your stomach needs a little food and it will be satisfied and well fed. And when you overeat over and over again, at some moment, you’ll start to gain some weight, because your body is saving the leftovers for later. And these save container are your love handles, your large hips, your belly bump. On the other hand, you can make the same mistake of not eating at all. Just keep the balance and everything will be perfect.

There is no need to mention that you need to do some exercises – just do it! You don’t need any reminder.

Now you see that a flat stomach is not all about removing the fat. You can have abs and bumped belly, too. It’s all about the size of the stomach – the organ. Learn to eat often and small amounts of food, small servings.

As a bonus I’ll show you one really simple recipe for a beverage. This juice will make the fat go away and it will reduce the balloon effect of your stomach. It is also great for your metabolism. Take a look and start mixing the ingredients:

You will need 8 glasses of water, 1 teaspoon of grated ginger root, 1 cucumber (peeled and cut into thin slices), 1 lemon, 12 peppermint leaves.

Mix all the ingredients in a jug and let it stay for one night. The next day you can drink it up. Consume it instead of a water and be sure that you’ve filtered the beverage.

Make that potion at least three days a week and you will see the results soon.

Enjoy and stay fit!

Image :  ©-Valua-Vitaly Fotolia

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