How to Achieve Skin Worthy of Envy
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How to Achieve Skin Worthy of Envy

Do you ever look at the cover of a magazine or in spreads inside and wonder: is this all Photoshop or does this woman actually have such flawless skin? Then, you go on Instagram and discover that Nina Dobrev, for example, is indeed as beautiful as you thought even on unprofessional photos. The inconvenient truth is that most of these incredible beauties that we envy so much are extremely lucky to have inherited a lack of redness, inflammation, acne, or whatever other skin issues there are. Their DNA helps them in coping with stress and puffy eyes. However, even if your genetics allow you to enjoy a radiant glow to a certain time, it is also true that you can lose it if you do not have a stable beauty routine. Skin care is important and you need to start when you are young, around twenty years old for instance. There are a number of things you need to be prepared to do on a regular basis. Who knows: maybe if you are a victim of skincare problems, you will soon notice their withdrawal!

So what are the basics of skincare?

The first tip is probably no surprise to most of you: you should never skip on applying moisturizer. The hydrated skin is beautiful, healthy skin. We cannot imagine any celebrity omitting applying a moisturizing product in the morning or before going to bed. There are tons of great creams or serums that can fit your skin’s needs, whether it is problematic, dry or you want a boost of youth. Tinted moisturizers are also a great option, especially if you want just a slight hint of coverage, but no real makeup in your spare time.

The second tip seems very logical, but can be mistaken: you need to use the right products for your skin type. One of our ultimate fashion icons Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have rather simplistic skincare routines, as opposed to their highly individual sense of style. They advise you to stick to a brand or a product, when you realize it satisfies your needs perfectly. It is actually a common mistake for women to pile up on different products and change them every few days. This means constant stress for your skin: after all, these products have a complicated content! Keep it simple and do not use anti-acne treatments if your skin does not have acne. Identify your skin type with the help of a professional and go with it.

Celebrities also know the importance of exfoliating. You need to use a scrub every now and then, preferable once a week, on your body and face to get rid of dead skin cells and even the tips of pimples. Do not use them on very irritated skin, though! A great DIY recipe for a scrub is brown sugar, sea salt and olive oil. Keep it in glass jars and enjoy it when you need something to pamper your skin.

Beautiful women with fabulous skin also know the great benefits of dry brushing. Miranda Kerr, once of the most amazing models of our time, shares her secret for great body skin: dry brushing before showering. It boost blood circulation, combats cellulite, exfoliates and prepares your skin for nourishing lotions or natural oils that you will moisturize your body with after washing up.

Wearing product with an SPF is vital. Not only on the beach: in the urban environment as well. You should not skip on sun protection even during the colder months. The sun is one of the key factors contributing to skin aging. A spray version of an SPF product is a very comfortable and practical way to go!

You need to always, absolutely always clean your face before going to bed. Sleeping with makeup is one of healthy skin’s biggest enemies. If you are too lazy to go get cotton pad and use micellar water, for instance, go for a foam or gel cleanser: a few splashes of water and you are done!

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