How to Apply Eyeshadow the Best Possible Way

How to Apply Eyeshadow the Best Possible Way

Makeup can be a lot tougher than people expect. Bloggers and makeup artists on Youtube or Pinterest make everything look so effortless and easy! It seems that with a quick move of their hands, they create the perfect skin tone, winged eyeliner or smoky eye. However, in reality, things can be a lot different. Many of you have probably struggled with achieving a flawless, makeup look just like the Internet personalities do in their tutorials. The trick is to be consistent and careful. If you follow the instructions and practice, soon you will notice how your technique has improved a lot! Furthermore, it is important what products and tools you use. You do not need to purchase expensive, high-end palettes, concealers or eyeliners. On the contrary, there are great drugstore alternatives, but you need to do your research and find the products that will fit your needs well enough. The tools you use are also important: brushes can make a huge difference in your eye makeup! Last but not least, you need to approach makeup as if it is science: carefully study how to prime, apply, blend, etc. These steps are important!

So what do you need to know about applying eyeshadow?

First, you need a very good base product if you want to have that perfect look. Primers can help products last a lot longer. They cope with oily eyelids, any creases that might hinder the smooth application of the product, the shedding of any powdery products or fading of the hues. Besides, the color looks a lot better when it is applied over a base, not directly on the skin, as it is more vibrant and stands out better. If you do not own a primer or just cannot afford purchasing one more product for your collection, you can use either a very pale eyeshadow color or simply a concealer.  The concealer needs to be with a texture with good coverage, but liquid consistency.

Second of all, you need a set of very good quality brushes to assist you in your task. If you try and blend your eyeshadows with the little applicators that are usually sold inside palettes, you will see how it is impossible to achieve the gentle effect seen in pictures online. In order to apply precisely the colors and blend them, so that they flow into each other, you have to invest in a couple of nice brushes. They do not need to be expensive! Consult someone who is experienced, a blogger, makeup artist or even shop assistant, for the more affordable tools on the markets. You will be surprised at how easy it is to apply the hues to the crease and make them look like they are worn by a model in an editorial!

Besides, it is important to know that lighter, even white, colors will make your other eyeshadow stand out a lot better. If you own a beautiful, bright pomegranate or blue eyeshadow, for example, you will make them more spectacular by putting them over a white background. It is best if they are creamy as opposed to powder. Spread them all over your eyelid to even out the skin tone.

You can also use white eyeshadow to emphasize the arch of your brows. They will function as a highlighter, applied right under your brow bone. They can hide small hairs that have ruined your precise shape and accentuate the bend of your brow. Blend them well, so that they look natural!

Furthermore, you need to know what eye makeup suits your eye shape best. Look in the mirror and study your face. If your eyes are far from each other, apply dark eyeshadow in the inner corner of the eyes. Close eyes look best with dark shadows in the outer area of the lid.

Finally, you need to know that any mistakes can be corrected! Start with your eye makeup when preparing your look for the day or night. If you accidentally end up with some color on your cheek or nose, you can clean it without removing your foundation or concealer. However, if you have made a mistake after doing your whole face, use a Q-tip to remove any eyeshadow precisely, without ruining your overall look.


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