How to Avoid Annoying Tan Lines

How to Avoid Annoying Tan Lines

The summer is here, oh yes, the summer is here! The season of sand and waves, of sunshine (and tons of SPF, of course), of dreamy beaches, summer romances and beautiful maxi dresses has arrived. Once of the best things about our summer look is indeed the bronze color some of us are able to achieve. It is a lot more exciting to pull off a backless maxi dress when your skin is more chocolate than vanilla! However, the awesome tan effect is slightly ruined when your backless dress or your beautiful new halter top reveals weird tan lines. It is not that it is a secret you have become slightly darker due to the sun, but after all, you might be a perfectionist and want your tan to be as smooth as possible.

The newest swimwear trends are not helping as well. Interesting, but still kind of strange straps placed at unusual places can leave you marked like a zebra. Yes, it is awesome to rock that crazy new bathing suit you just purchased; however, it might not be the most practical apparel for tanning. Still, there is a strategy you can build in order to avoid annoying tan lines as much as possible. Check out some ideas:

  • Sunscreen should be your best friend! First of all, you need to protect your skin at all times in order to prevent it from aging really badly, from developing skin diseases and allergies and the appearance of unwanted pigmentation. Sunscreen needs to be applied after you have swum in the sea or every few hours, so that you are sure it is protecting you well enough. We advise you to go for an SPF 30 for your body and SPF 50 for your face. Several layers of sunscreen are required for maximum protection. If you are using a cream-based SPF, the portions should be in dots the size of a dime so that application is easy and quick. Get under the straps of your bathing suit as they might move and the skin can be uncovered and unprotected.
  • It is hard to get to every single part of your body and apply SPF product. ask someone to apply sunscreen to your upper back. Neglecting it is one of the main mistakes lots of girls make. You do not want to end up with bad-looking tanned spots on your body. Besides, sun burns hurt terribly: avoid the suffering!
  • Remember to reapply sunscreen during the day while you are at the beach or lying next to the pool. Tan lines can creep in and surprise you, so you need to be careful. Water and sweat can get rid of the SPF product, so try your best not to forget to apply it over and over again. Even if it says it is waterproof, do not risk it! It is better to be safe than sorry after all!
  • The way you are sunbathing is also important. Tanning is not very healthy so limit it to the safer times of the day: before noon and after 4 pm. You need to turn over once in a while, so that you get an even bronze color on your body. Set a timer and move around every twenty minutes. Also, you can get a tan faster if you are moving around, so why not play some beach volleyball or take an early morning run? Again, be careful with hot water!
  • Last but not least, remember that there are easier ways to achieve a great even tan in the summer without risking the health of your skin. The cosmetic industry has developed even, so self-tanning kits of all sorts are available. Do your research for a good quality one and follow the steps!

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