How To Choose a Flattering Nude Lipstick

How To Choose a Flattering Nude Lipstick

When we show you tutorials for intensive and bold eye makeup designs, we always recommend you to keep the lips nude and natural looking. But sometimes, it is not so simple to just keep the lips nude and natural looking. When your face is covered with foundation, concealer and powder, and your brows are bold, perfectly framing your face, while the eyes are perfectly covered with appropriate makeup design, you cannot just let your lips nude. That’s the moment when you have the choose the perfect nude lipstick, specifically to your your skin complexion, matched with the eyes and the hair color. Today I will try to teach you how to choose the perfect nude lipstick according to your skin complexion.

Always try the nude lipstick while your skin is bare and natural looking, because there would be no foundation on your skin to trick you choosing the wrong color. Then analyze your skin color. If it has warm undertones you should opt for lipsticks that has the same color palette, but you have to opt for one or two shades darker. If you decide to go without foundation that day, you should try a lipstick that has slightly coral undertone. This will make you look fresh and relaxed, because pale lips are a sign of tired and dehydrated body.

The perfect lipstick for intense eye makeup is the one that has purple undertones. Relax, we are talking here only about undertones, which means slightly tinted color, not bold one. If your skin is pale and cool, you have to stick to the natural color of your lips, enhance it with the purple tinted nude lipstick.

My little advice for you is to analyze the natural color of your lips every day and when you find the day when you like your lip color the most, run to the beauty store and buy the very same color, which will be able to help you cover the natural color the lips when it is not looking so great.

So, if you have that exotic olive-toned skin, you should opt for pink and peach tinted nude lipsticks, this rule applies especially when you have a nice, sun tan.

The ladies with chocolate skin should opt for the same lipstick colors – chocolate colors with reddish undertones. Another appropriate color for nude looking lipstick for dark skin is the pink and beige combination.

It is quite noticeable when a certain color doesn’t look quite alright when placed on your lips, which means that you should trust on your preferences, likes, dislikes and judgements. It is a tricky business to choose the proper colors for your lips, but if you have some doubts you can always ask the sales person, because he/she has experience with different people, with different skin complexions and how the lipstick colors suit them the best.

So, it will be nice to have at least two different shades of nude lipsticks – one for the cold seasons and one for the warm ones, when your skin becomes darker because of the time spent on the beach.

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