How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

How To Choose The Best Nail Shape For You

Every person is different – we all have different faces, bodies, hair, eyes, etc. We have different hands with different fingers, too. Which, if you a man, won‘t be that important, but for us, as women, this may have a big role in choosing one of the most important things in a woman‘s appearance – her nails.

There are so many nail shapes that it‘s getting harder and harder to choose one and stick with it. But not all of the shapes go with every person‘s fingers and hands. Because I‘m sure you haven‘t thought about it until today, I will share with you some of the most common nail shapes and how to choose correctly the one that will look good on your fingers.


Square nails are classy and easy to maintain. Square nails are ideal for bigger nails beds, because it tends to make smaller nail beds look shorter and wider. Square nails can create a timeless look when combined with French manicure or painted in one color for an everyday look.


This summer oval nails were very trendy. Oval shapes go well with both wide and narrow nail beds and give nails a very graceful look. Oval nails are harder to maintain because if you file too much you can make them look square or almond-looking. This summer, oval nails were often painted with reverse French manicure which will also be in style this winter.


Almond nails are celebrities‘ favorite shape! Rihanna, Beyoncé, Lady Gaga are only some of the celebrities that chose this type of nail shape for their look in the past months. This shape will make your fingers longer and slimmer which is ideal for women with chubbier fingers. But keep in mind that these nails aren‘t for everyday use – because of how pointy they are, they can make everyday actions very hard – even putting on mascara can be difficult if you can take out your eyes!


If you want nails that are easy to groom and will give you a very casual look, go for round nails. The shape is ideal for wide nails and gives the illusion of a thinner nail bed. Round nails are suitable for people who have busy lives and use their hands often because they won‘t break that easy and look very feminine and professional. Paint them in a neutral color or something more appropriate for fall, like dark green or dark blue, and you won‘t have to take care of them at least for several days!

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