How to Create a Great Crop Top from a Regular Tank Top

How to Create a Great Crop Top from a Regular Tank Top

DIY projects are definitely a great way to add something new and original to your closet. Not everyone can afford on buying every single trendy item for the season, even though we would wish that is possible. However, the good news is that recycling your clothes is not that hard. So if you have some old clothes and you think they are useless, may be you are wrong . With a little bit of imagination you can easily transform your clothes into new fashionable piece.  Here we are going to show you one easy diy top .

Take a look at this short tutorial on how to transform a simple tank top into a cool crop top!

Pick a cotton tank top in whatever color you have chosen. A printed one, for example in florals, could also do the job: it would be even more interesting. Cut out two square-shaped pieces from the front and the back, starting from the bottom of the top toward the area where the neckline starts. Then cut out the neckline as shown on the picture. You can choose how low you want it to go depending on your body shape.

Now you are left with long vertical strips of fabric on the sides. Tie them in front, just above where your belly button is supposed to be. They should form a cross-over. Then pull them to the back of the top and tie them again. Unbelievably easy, isn’t it?

Be careful to try it own or to measure both your body and the fabric, so that it fits you perfectly! You can wear the top with high-waisted pants or skirts. It is best if the bottom part of your outfit is not very revealing, since it may become a little too much since the top is both short and has a low neckline.

Enjoy your creation!



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