How To Deal With a Concealer

How To Deal With a Concealer

The concealer is one of the most important preparing products. It hides the imperfections, some dark spots, pimple scars, dark circles under your eyes. Sometimes the concealer can save you from looking bad, especially for special occasions. Imagine that you have a job interview coming up, or just a business meeting, but both ways you won’t look good with any red skin and pimple “leftovers”. The concealer will be your savior.

Check out how to apply properly the concealer in different methods and face areas.

First of all you should choose a concealer. It comes in different shapes and colors. So, you should know the color of your skin complexion, also your undertone is important. Try and analyze which color blend in completely.

Before applying any kind of makeup you should prepare your skin for the makeup treatment. Wash your face, apply moisturizer. The primer is essential. It will smooth the skin and fill in the enlarged pores, protecting them from the makeup material. And after your face is prepared you can start making yourself perfect. The concealer is the first makeup product to apply after the prep procedures.

If you want to cover discoloration you should choose a concealer that has green or yellow undertones. That’s how you’ll cover completely redness and dark spots.

If you are handling scars or under eye shadows pick up a concealer which color is one or two tones lighter than your skin complexion.

How to use the different types of concealer:

Pencil. It’s best for covering acne. The pointed edge of the pencil makes it easier to cover the acne imperfections.

Liquid concealer with a brush. This type is perfect for covering under eye shadows. Apply it on lines from the inner corner of the eye to the opposite corner. Blend in with a finger or big brush, but be gentle, because the skin under your eyes is very delicate. If you decide to use your fingers, it’s better to use your ring finger. Pay attention to the application of the concealer, you shouldn’t leave it contrasting to your skin.

Lipstick type of concealer. Use it to cover some acne “leftovers”, scars, veins. It will even out the skin complexion.

Continue doing your makeup after the concealer is set. Blend in your foundation with big, fluffy brush and apply translucent powder to seal the deal.

Your face is prepared for your occasion. Pay attention to the eyes, brows and lips. Go out and conquer the world!

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