How to Dress for a Wedding
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How to Dress for a Wedding

I do not know if you have noticed, but love is everywhere in this warm season. Personally, I believe that a September wedding is a lot better than the July or August one, as the heat is a lot less, but it is still warm and not rainy. Still, there are tons of beautiful, elegant brides, holding on to their charming grooms and posing for pictures, walking around parks, taking photo after photo. Going to a wedding is actually tons of fun. Besides, it is amazing to celebrate someone else’s love and share this precious and special moment with them because they have chosen you to do so.

However, each girl can become the victim of one of the most terrifying experiences before a special occasion: facing her closet and asking herself “What should I wear?”. You know that there will be a photographer, and not to mention what a big number of people will take out their smartphones and capture the special wedding moments. That is why you want to look your best. Weddings are a unique type of event where you can be elegant, girly, fancy or extremely stylish and really take your fashion sense experience to the next level: it is not just a normal night out. Still, there are a few “rules” you might want to follow.

  • Forget about the white color. Unless you are going to a wedding in which the bride is a very rebellious woman, she will be wearing a glamorous white dress. You do not want to distract any attention from her, as this is her special day, not yours. That is why you should avoid white or really light colors, like eggshell. Maybe a champagne, pink or peachy tone would be great if you are a fan of these hues, but still be careful. Even if you have a spectacular ivory peace in your closet, leave it for another occasion, and go for something brighter.
  • Not only should you be aware of the colors you wear, but also about the amount of skin that is acceptable to be revealed. You do not want to be remembered as the girl who made a bad choice and was wearing a little too much in front of over a hundred guests. Especially if there are older relatives or family friends there, you want to be classy as opposed to sleazy. If you want to show cleavage, go for a minimum length around the knee. If your back is showing, the case should be the same (of course, a very low back again would be questionable). In case your dress is short, it is better if it is more “closed” in the upper parts.
  • Check what the bridesmaid dress will be like, more specifically the color scheme. You do not want to accidentally fall in the same pattern! In case you cannot find out what the bridesmaids are wearing, just avoid the most popular color choices: coral, grey, navy blue, etc.
  • Forget about the really, really casual choices: tank tops, jeans, even shorts. Well, to be honest, the last ones can be very stylish: just check Olivia Palermo’s outfits! Just consider the fact that it is a lot better to be over-dressed than under-dressed. Especially if you are going to the wedding alone and single!
  • Play around with accessories, hair and makeup, but do not go over the top. After all, this is not your celebration, you are just a guest. Be careful with the glamour and shine. A more subtle but stylish look would actually make you a lot better in the eyes of everyone else attending.
  • Last but not least, if you are a bridesmaid, try to convince your bride to make you look acceptable. If her taste has nothing to do with your perception of what style is, you should be diplomatic, yet tell her what your problem is. When the color is not your most preferable choice, you should at least convince her about the dress itself: mini or maxi, bandeau or halter neck, etc. It should flatter your body shape and make you feel confident: after all, your are playing a role in the show as well!

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