How to Dress Your Body So That It Looks Leaner and Taller
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How to Dress Your Body So That It Looks Leaner and Taller

Summer is lots of people’s favorite season, and we are definitely part of that group! It comes with a sense of freedom, with lots of sunshine and planned or spontaneous trips, and basically fun and happiness. However, when you have to make wardrobe choices during the summer, you might feel a bit anxious and stressed. First of all, you need to take into account the high temperatures outside and the unstoppable sweaty feeling. You probably want to go for more airy and light fabrics in light tones which will keep you as cool as possible in the summer heat. Also, summer clothes are a lot more revealing and can make you feel more body conscious than usual. While in spring, fall and winter you can easily throw a pair of jeans and a tunic or any other piece that hides any zones that you are insecure about, this task becomes a lot more difficult in the summer. Shorts, mini skirts and dresses together with bandeau or halter neck tops will reveal to the world your legs, your arms and your bum a lot more. Should you try to hide your body and suffer from the heat, or wear whatever you want, but feel a bit anxious until you have learned not to care?

If you want to escape from this unfortunate situation, you need to start dressing smartly. The truth is that the biggest fashion experts know what strategies will help you hide your flaws, accentuate your best body features, but also make you look leaner and taller. So what outfits should you try out this summer?

  • Add some height to your figure with heels. If you are not a fan of heels, you can always pick a stylish pair of wedges. With the 70’s trend infiltrating stores, it will be easy for you to find a great pair that is both comfortable and stylish. They will add a few inches to your figure, make your legs appear longer and slimmer and your bum – sexier!
  • A voluminous skirt in an A-line style, for example, should be narrowed the most at your waist, not at your hips. That way your legs will look as long as Gisele’s (well, almost!) and the skirt will be able to hide any extra volume in your lower body parts. Match the skirt with a basic top in a single color, so that the attention is focused on the top part of your body. You will definitely look slimmer that way!
  • Tailored jackets are a great option, but in the summer heat you might not want to go crazy with lots of layered clothing on you. However, you can always add a fitted vest to create a beautiful silhouette in the top part of your body. Leather vests are really cool, but you can feel very hot in them, unfortunately!
  • High-wasted pants are a great option. If you need to follow an office dress code or can afford to wear jeans, than the high-wasted version will elongate optically your legs. Tuck in a striped shirt (the stripes should be vertical) and the illusion will work in your favor completely! Add a pair of heels or wedges and this simple combination can take you anywhere. If it is too hot for long trousers, you can swap them for a pair of shorts or a skater skirt.
  • A top and bottoms in the same pattern, or the so-called co-ord, is a huge trend, and it also looks great! If your stomach is rather flat, but your hips are the source of insecurity, go for a crop top and an A-line skirt, palazzo trousers, or wide shots in the same color or print. You will look slimmer and taller, especially if you add high heels to the outfit!


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