How To Feel At Home In The New Place

How To Feel At Home In The New Place

You are a grown up now and you have just moved in that new place, but something isn’t right. You are feeling uncomfortable and out of place. Some of the boxes are still closed, everything is new and clean, but something is missing. I know that feeling, because it is what happened to me recently. After I graduated, I had to get out of my parents house. I wanted it so much, to be alone and independent, but I hadn’t thought all of it. I’m not afraid of the commitment and all the responsible stuff one adult care of, I just didn’t expect that I’ll miss so much my family. I’m not spoiled or anything, but I’ll miss the family evenings in front of the TV or the fights with my sister. The dog that is chewing all my clothes and books. Such memories are making me sad and nostalgic. That’s why I wanted you to know that you are not alone if you are in a similar situation. And I tried to come up with something that will soothe the bitterness of that family absence. Here is what I recommend you to do:

  • First of all, get rid of those boxes, unpack, organize and throw out the boxes. There is nothing more uncomfortable, like closed boxes all over the place. It is also a way to get busy and to think of the bright future that is in front of you. Maybe you can call a friend that is in town to hang out with you while you are unpacking – just as a company, at least if you are not alone it will be better for sure.
  • After that go on shopping. Print your favorite family and friends photos and buy beautiful frames for them. It is a best way to make them be there, even in frozen moments of happiness. After that, hang up the frames with the pictures or put them on the shelves. You will feel better, trust me.

My best idea is the sticky notes. I did that to my friends too, as graduating gifts. The thing is to put some sticky notes in places that you use daily or not. Just put them wherever you want. And what to write on them? I wrote reminders, memories and advices for myself. Stick a note on the milk bottle to call your mom. Put some of them in your book that you are reading now: to text your bro/sis, to visit your grandma this weekend, to video chat with the whole family, to tell them something exciting that happened to you recently, to send them a card or unexpected gift. To ask your mom about a recipe of your favorite dish or just ask her for domestic advice. She will be thrilled, they all will be thrilled. These sticky notes help me a lot through that being-alone-time because when you fall into the dynamic daily routine there is a chance that you will start to forget to call or text and that will make them really sad, it will make you sad too. So, just be in touch with them.

I’m sure that you did that, but if you didn’t – do it! Bring some stuff from home. Maybe a pillow or a mug, steal your father’s bookmark, your sister’s nail polish and your mother’s kitchen apron. These little details will instantly make the place look more like home.

Money can make a house, but the family can make it a home! Love your family!

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