How to Find Your Personal Style

How to Find Your Personal Style

Have you ever browsed through Instagram and see these amazing girls with bold and interesting style that can catch your eye immediately? Do you have a friend that looks like a real fashion icon all the time even when she is not trying? Some people just have the talent to be stylish and that is a fact. That special innate inspiration for outfits and knowing how to interpret trends without merging into the background with all the rest is a special skill that can be hard to acquire. However, the good news is that it is not impossible to be stylish and in the same time to stay true to your personal taste. The best strategy is not to copy someone else because these clothes might not suit your figure, your appearance, even your skin tone as well. First of all, it is better to wear what you like. Second of all, it is cool when you can follow trends to a certain extent, but do not get lost in all the items that the fashion industry offers every season. You will end up bankrupt if you try to include every single trend in your wardrobe! It is better if you find what you like and how you can make it special and unique. Sounds great, but where do you start? Here are some tips on how to bring some order in your closet and set your personal style in a more specific direction, without being too chaotic with your outfits.

  • Fashion blogs exist to show us other people’s unique style. They can be quite helpful in your search for personal style just because they already show you someone else’s style and are rather narrowed down. Browse them and see whose style would be most appropriate for your lifestyle, for your taste and body shape.
  • Create your own Pinterest account and create a fashion inspiration board. Pinterest is full of great pictures and have a variety of ideas, whether it is DIYs, high fashion or seasonal picks. If you are a fan of a particular decade, search for 60s or 70s fashion, for instance, and see what these fashion eras have to offer for different seasons, so that you can shape your style in accordance to them
  • While you are looking at blogs or Pinterest, focus on outfits that contain pieces similar to what you already own. Otherwise, you will end up with an enormous shopping list that will be hard to buy everything from! Try to slowly and gradually shape your style: it will be hard to do it overnight!
  • Try not to browse too many online stores. Sometimes it is great to go out of your comfort zone and look at shops you have never visited before, but from my personal experience I have noticed that the more you look, the more confused you get. Make a list of seasonal picks you would like to purchase and stick to it, with an occasional unexpected item in your basket. This will help you minimize pointlessly spent money!
  • Do not stick to stereotypes like “bohemian”, “biker chick”, “girly”, etc. Broaden your horizons and think outside the box. You can mix those styles and create something original and unique. Just because you own tones of leather does not mean you have to forget about floral prints. Mix and match, but stay true to what you love!
  • Have a few “signature” outfits or items and some more “extravagant” ones. Use the basic pieces from your wardrobe when you are in a hurry, so that you do not lose your personal style in hasty situations.
  • Pick a few colors that will be the main ones you wear. It would be great if they compliment your skin tone or hair color, for instance. From that point out, it will be easier for you to build outfits.

Remember that fashion is a way to express yourself. Be bold, be brave and do not be scared to experiment. Besides, if you narrow down your style, you will see how your shopping habits will become more “intelligent” and you will not end up with tons of spontaneous purchases that are left unworn and lonely in the back of your closet.

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