How To Flatter Brown Eyes With Neutral Colors

How To Flatter Brown Eyes With Neutral Colors

The good think about brown eyes (except they are beautiful) is that you can apply almost every color, known on Earth, and they will look great. Of course, you must consider the colors you put on your eyes with the skin color and the hair color, and don’t forget about the colors of the clothes and the accessories. But the fact that the brown eyes can handle different colors for makeup is true, mostly because the brown color is neutral one and it doesn’t contrast too harshly with other colors.

Today I want to show you a great makeup design, which is made all by neutral colors. I want you to see how perfectly these colors look on brown eyes. Take a look at the steps:

  • As you can guess, we have to start with the eyebrows, if they look too pale and thin. If the shape of the brows is in good condition, only a few brushes with the color will do the job, but if the brows are out of shape, you will have to take care of that flaw.

  • When the brows are perfectly handled, you must keep up with the next steps, which is priming the lids. This thin layer will create a long lasting makeup. So, don’t hesitate and cover the lids with the primer.

  • Then apply nude shadow, which will work as a base.

  • Create a depth of the eye with dark shadow at the crease. Smudge the line nicely.

  • Then apply a little bit of the same color at the bottom lid, cover only the outer half of the bottom lid.

  • Apply a little bit of the dark color at the outer corner of the top lid as well.

  • Finish the look with colorful liner and mascara.


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