How to Keep Your Skin Efficiently Hydrated
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How to Keep Your Skin Efficiently Hydrated

The summer season is usually a very dry season when it comes to every part of your organism. Even though you get sweaty and annoyed, that does not mean your skin is well moisturized. On the contrary, it is losing water, so you need to provide more freshness and health for it. Hydrating your skin can prevent it from getting dry patches which can lead to uneven makeup application. Also, regular moisturizing can slow down the aging process. All in all, hydrating your skin is important and you should strive to do it in every possible way.

So what you can do to stay hydrated more than you would expect? First of all, it is obvious that drinking water is vital to your health and appearance. Your skin is also influenced by the amount of water you consume on a daily basis. Two liters in the summer are an absolute minimum: especially if you work out! Besides, the more water you drink, the less dark circles you will get as one of the causes for their appearance is indeed dehydration (Keep in mind that you still need to get a good night sleep!). Dehydration can also result in more acne and more obvious signs of aging. That is why it is best to stick to a healthy ‘water-drinking’ routine. Plan the water intake during the day. Have a full glass of water as soon as you wake up. Then drink another one with your morning coffee. Keep a bottle of water of 500 or 750ml at your desk and get done with it before lunchtime. Fill it up afterwards again and try to drink the same quantity before dinner. Keep in mind that it is not only your skin that is benefiting from drinking water, but your whole organism. Do not drink a bunch of water right before going to bed, so that you do not pressure your kidneys.

The next vital thing for your skin hydration process are, of course, moisturizers. They come in all kinds of textures: oils, light creams, heavy creams, serums, etc. Not to mention that lately the skin care industry has been inventing newer variations of moisturizers, like refreshing splashes, gels and soufflé-like whips. The truth is that lightweight formulas are a lot more respected at the moment by skincare experts. A moisturizer is basically a mix between oil and water.  I have a friend who does not like products which have high amounts of water in them as in the winter they tend to freeze on her skin and dry it out even further. The best products are the one whose formula allows them to penetrate the skin and moisturize it from within. The secret of Asian skincare has always been in lightweight formulas, so try to look for something refreshing for the summer, which will not feel heavy and sweaty on your skin.

Do not underestimate the power of skincare at night, either. Not only do you have to thoroughly cleanse the skin, but also opt out for a good moisturizing agent before going to bed, as your body dehydrates during the hours of sleep and lack of water intake. Our personal advice is to go for coconut oil, for example. It keeps your skin extremely soft and moisturized, and it is a natural product, so you do not need to be stressed about any harmful chemicals. Besides, the various benefits of coconut oil make it a fantastic investment into your beauty routine.

Last but not least, you need to not only have the best hydrating products and water-drinking regime, but also apply moisturizer the right way. It is a good idea to apply it right after you jump out of the shower, as your skin will swiftly feel dry and tight since the dry air sucks the moisture out of your skin. Also, your daytime moisturizer needs to have an SPF in it since sunrays can be harmful and drying. Last, apply the moisturizer evenly as if it is distributed in larger quantities along the hairline, for instance, it can cause clogged pores.


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