How to Look Stylish While Working Out
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How to Look Stylish While Working Out

If you are on social media or you are interested in contemporary culture trends, you could not have missed the “healthy lifestyle” trend that has swamped society. It is everywhere: on Instagram, in lifestyle websites, on Youtube, etc. Whether it is great ideas for workout exercises or delicious, but healthy diet meals, you can embrace this new mania quite easily as it is literally everywhere. We will not discuss how authentic this is and if being obsessed with your body is a good idea. After all, everyone has their own head on their shoulders and make decisions for themselves. Besides, it is actually a good idea to stop eating greasy fast food and start moving a little bit more, as this can bring a lot of health benefits.

But what about style and fashion while you are being healthy and fit? If you are a real fashionista or you just like to look good and plan amazing outfits, there are great ways to look fabulous even while you are sweaty in the gym! Especially now when most high-street brands have embarked upon gym wear design and high fashion designers established the “sports” trend, there is a plethora of options, whether you prefer to spend more or less money on your sports clothes. Here are a few ideas on how to look stylish while doing your exercises:

  • First of all, you need to decide what type of clothes will fit your figure best and, more importantly, will be comfortable for you. If you feel that you are not entirely confident about your body yet, it is better to get looser clothes. However, if you have been working out for a while and have already obtained some significant results, maybe it is better
  • Second of all, leggings or joggers is the choice you should make, depending on your preferences and what your idea of comfort is. Joggers are loose and will not make you stress about the way your bum or legs look. However, leggings are also stylish, cool and comfortable! Maybe it would be best to own a pair of each, depending on your mood. You can also go for shorts in the warmer periods of the year; however, they require a lot of confidence!
  • Next, you need to decide want kind of top you will be wearing. The variety is incredible: t-shirts, loose or tight, sports bras, tank tops… Do not forget about a cool jacket! Some gyms have strong air-conditioning, so you want to have something to throw on in the beginning of your workout. A great idea would be to wear a tank top with a looser long-sleeve blouse over it. Consider creative details on your tops like knots on the bottom part or an off-the-shoulder style.
  • The easiest color scheme to pull of apparently is black and white. If you do not want to spend too much time thinking about your outfit, go for the traditional monochrome combination. White tops and black bottoms are a great idea and will not draw too much attention to you while you are in the gym. If you want to add something more interesting, you might wear a black tank top with a white off-the-shoulder blouse over it: sexy combination for a workout!
  • Patterns and prints have also become huge in the gym wear lines of all labels. You can pull off geometric prints, tie-dye prints or any other print on the market! Sheer or mesh details are also very fashionable right now. Neon colors are also popular.
  • Bright top and dark bottom is the most functional way to go. Go for grey or black leggings or joggers and add a patterned top or something in blue or red. If you have picked printed leggings, it is better to stick to basic colors like black or white for the top part of your outfit or you might look too colorful and not at all stylish!
  • Sneakers have been an absolute must-have for a while. The good news is that sports brands have gone quite creative with their designs, so there are plenty of options to choose from. Also, high street brands have their own interpretations of sneakers to choose from. However, make sure they are comfortable before buying them: after all, that should be your priority for workout clothes!


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