How To Look Tall Without High Heels

How To Look Tall Without High Heels

Wearing high heels is exhausting and when we want to look tall, finding another way might be a problem. The most popular way to make our legs look longer is to wear high heels daily, but we forget how bad high heels are for our figure – our feet get sore, our back starts to hurt and at some can cause foot damages.

Because nobody likes pain, here are some other ways that will make you look taller and slimmer:

First, if you don‘t want to wear high heels, try wedges! Wedges in neutral color will visually elongate your legs and they won‘t hurt as much as wearing regular high heels. Wedges can be worn not only in summer – wedged boots are not only great for winter, but they‘re very fashionable and comfy, too!

You can definitely wear jumpsuits, which are in style right now, and make your figure look taller and slimmer. Jumpsuits with high waist are best when you have shorter legs and want them to appear longer. Play with colors and pattern and don‘t be afraid to experiment.

Dark clothing will make your legs look even longer so stick to black or gray. If you don‘t want to wear all black, you can go for dark blue, chocolate or dark green. Some patterns also help you look taller – vertical and diagonal stripes will become your best friend! Stay away from horizontal stripes, check or dots patterns, which can make you look stumpy.

Use accessories to your advantage. Wear long necklaces or scarfs which will elongate your torso and create the illusion that you have a long neck. Stay away from very short necklaces which will have the opposite effect and cut your neck in half. Also, some hats can add height to your figure so try on some and see if you can find that will complete your outfit and help you look taller.

Baggy clothes can only prevent you from looking taller so go for tighter clothes. Of course, not so tight to not be able to sit, but clothes that will define your figure and keep everything together. Also, if you want to use belts to keep your clothes in place, don‘t go for the wide ones, because they will cut your figure in half.

The last thing you should do is stretch. You wont gain centimeters in just one night, but stretching will shape your legs and thus make them appear longer. And, of course, stretching along with other exercise, will keep you healthy and happy!

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