How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

How To Make Your Manicure Last Longer

One of the things I hate in being a woman is the fact that I have to constantly take care of the way my nails look. That means at least once a week I have to take off my old nail polish, apply a new one, file my nails, remove the cuticles and make sure that they‘re strong and won‘t break that often. The alternative if that is going to a beauty salon which can cost a lot of money and time. Because I‘m sure I‘m not the only one around here who can‘t stand the smell of nail polish remover, I am going to share with some of the best ways to make your manicure last longer and to save your time!

The first thing you have to now is that you should never soak your nails before applying nail polish. Many of the professionals do it, but don‘t forget that because of the water the nails expand and when the water evaporates, they go back in their original position. By the time they do so, you‘ve already painted your nails and there‘s a higher risk that your nail polish will start cracking or it won‘t fit your nails anymore.

If you want your nail polish to last, make sure you apply two coats of base coat and top coat on the tips of your nails. Apply one coat only on the tips and then apply another one on the whole nail. You should always make this because the tips are the easiest to chip and ruin your manicure. Also, when it comes to top coat, you need to reapply it every two or three days to keep your nails shiny and prevent chipping.

If your tip gets chipped, you can do two things. The first one is to file the nail and seal it with a layer of top coat. The second thing you can do is to make a thin French tip line that will give your nails a new look and will cover the chipped part.

I usually dry my nails by blowing at them or using a blow dryer if I have to be ready fast. Both ways are incorrect! Nails dry the fastest if exposed to cold air and the slowest – when you blow hot air at them. To make your nails dry faster, you can either put them under cold water for a minute or two, or you can use the blow dryer with the cold air setting.

Last, but not least – if you don’t have time for your nails and can paint them only once a week, choose colors that won’t stand out that much if the polish gets chipped. Avoid dark colors because once your nails get chipped, everything will be easily seen. Instead, go for pinks and beige that won’t be that visible.

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