How To Solve Bra Problems

How To Solve Bra Problems

If you don’t like the way your breasts look when you put on the bra, you have to find out what is the reason for this problem. It is not beautiful looking when your bra isn’t the right size and the right fit. Down below you will find the most common signs that will show you you are wearing the wrong bra size:

  • Balcony hump. If your breasts are pushed too strong, they leave the cups of the bra. And this overflowing doesn’t look good when you are wearing a tight blouse. The solution is to try a bigger cup size bra. This flaw can be created because of small cups or small back size. Change the sizes of them both and see the results.
  • Dropped breasts. No one loves the look of  droopy breasts. They will make you look old. The problem of your bra in this situation is that the back size of the bra is too big or the straps of the bra are too loose. Fix that with smaller back size and adjust the straps.
  • The bottom peek-a-boo breasts. If your breasts are falling off the bra, to your belly, then the back size of the bra is too big again. Try a smaller one.
  • Fit Back, Large Cups. If your cups wrinkle because of too much fabric, this is a sign that the cups are the wrong size. Opt for smaller size of the cups.
  • Double Trouble. This happens when the soft skin of the top section of the breasts is overflowing above the edge of the brow. The cup size is right, but the shape is not. Go for a balconette bra or a bigger cup size.
  • High back strap. If the back strap is lifted up, this means that the back size is too big for you. This will also cause the Dropped breasts effect.
  • The side boob. If your boobs are overflowing to the armpits, this means that the cup size is too small for  your breasts. Go for a bigger cup size of the bra.

Now that you know the signs of the wrong fit, you have to learn how to choose the right size according to your measurements. You have to know several measures of your body in order to choose the perfect size, here they are:

  • The back size is defined by the band size. Take a measuring strip and wrap it around your chest, but under the breasts. Place it parallel with the ground. Exhale the air, because this measurement has to be as small as it is possible.
  • The cup size is measured similar to the back size. Stand straight and wear a non-padded bra. Wrap the measuring strip around the breasts, positioning it parallel to the ground.
  • The size of the bra is a simple calculation: Take the band measurement and the cup measurement and subtract the smaller number from the bigger one. The result is the size of the cup and the smaller number is the number in front of the cup size (36B, for instance).

Once you’ve got the right bra, you have to learn how to take care of it:

  •  The elasticity of the bra has to be protected. You can do that by changing the bras every 2 days in order to give them time to restore the fabric.
  • Wash the bras in cold water – hand wash only.
  • Don’t put the bra in a dryer. It will ruin the cups.

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