How to Spice Up Your All Black Looks

How to Spice Up Your All Black Looks

We would never underestimate the power of the all-black looks: they are beautiful, bold, simple, yet classy, and you can rarely go wrong with them. Some claim that black is too dark, closes up your beauty and radiance and makes you look as if you are constantly headed to a funeral. Nevertheless, designers keep pushing us to wear black and present the color not only in the fall/winter collections, but also in their spring/summer collections. Black can slim down your figure and make you look stunning. Black carries a feeling of elegance and sophistication. Black staple items in your wardrobe, like a leather jacket, little black dress, trousers and skirt, are so versatile, that can help you out whenever you are having a “I do not have anything to wear” crisis. Matching different colors and patterns is difficult for people who do not have an innate talent for doing so, without ending up looking as a clown.

However, searching for salvation in all-black outfits can sometimes make your looks a little dull, if you lack the imagination to make them “high-fashion” or simply original. How can you wear black in the majority of time, but still be different? We have a few ideas in mind:

  • Play around with silhouettes: The great thing about black is that a great number of designers and brands experiment with it since it is so clean and basic, and they create pieces that are truly unique in shape. Try to incorporate asymmetry in your tops, dresses and skirts. Cut-outs, sharp shouldered blazers, volume in the bottom pieces combined with tight tops, off-the-shoulder styles, emphasized waists are just some of the interesting things you can do to make your silhouette a bit funkier.
  • The truth is in the details: Have you noticed how many pictures there are on fashion blogs with close-ups of details of bloggers of fashion icons? That is because the true talent and individuality can be portrayed through details. A collar around your neck, a bow at an unexpected place, buckles, sheer or mesh details… All of these things can bring a shift dress or another basic item to a whole new level. You can always buy simple pieces and sew in (or ask a professional to do that!) something interesting.
  • Introduce prints and patterns to your closet: Plain basic outfits are cool, but a monochrome print can preserve that awesomeness without making you look as if you are Morticia Adams’s long lost cousin. A black and white pattern can come in a variety of options: stripes, polka dots, triangles or any kind of geometrical alternatives, even florals!
  • Statement accessories in color are key: It can be a hat, a scarf, a pair of leather gloves, a handbag, a great pair of shoes, or any kind of jewelry: accessories will definitely show how stylish and ready to experiment you are. You can go for neon beanies, scarves in an Indian pattern, bright platforms or just cool statement necklaces and earrings. The great thing about this trick is that it can show if you are a hip-hop kind of girl, a free-spirited bohemian, or an elegant follower of Coco Chanel. Accessories are what can absolutely set apart one black outfit from another and show how far on the fashion spectrum they can be.
  • Be bold with your make up: Smoky eyes in purple or red lipstick? Maybe some bold pink or green nail polish? Do not forget you can play around with your look via makeup all the time and completely change your appearance with just the stroke of a brush. A no-makeup makeup can make you look completely different from what a vampy style can do.
  • Go crazy with your hair: If you are in a constant-changing cycle of different hair colors, all black outfits are the perfect way to accentuate your experiments. If you do not want to go as far as pink hues or ombre, you can just play around with your lengths or try a cool up-do.

Or maybe braids? Your choice!

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