How to Take Care of Your Skin While Sleeping

How to Take Care of Your Skin While Sleeping

The truth is that your organism never truly sleeps: there are ongoing processes all the time. Your skin, the largest organ in your body, needs to be taken care of almost constantly. If you sleep for eight hours per night, this means that for straight eight hours you do not consume any water; thus, your whole body is being dehydrated. You need to do certain things in order to moisturize your skin even while you are sleeping. Also, pimples, dark circles, any kind of redness are annoying problems that you can tackle during your sleep too. Besides, our busy schedules sometimes do not allow us to pay enough attention to our usual beauty routine procedures. So how can we manage? Just read our overnight skincare methods below:

  • Sleeping on satin or silk sheets will make huge differences. First of all, cotton pillow cases are rougher and they can cause breakage of your hair, while smooth satin or silky pillow cases will take good care of it. Also, cotton’s roughness can create pressure on your skin that leads to appearance of wrinkles. Overall, a nice smooth pillow case and sheets can change things in the long-term!
  • Pedicures are one of the beauty procedures we often forget about during the colder months. Why not take care of your feet during the night? Apply some Vaseline to them and put some socks on. The softness of the skin will be amazing!
  • Overnight skincare products are an absolute must, especially if you are not leading the healthiest lifestyle or your genes make your skin prone to aging. A night cream, maybe a serum, an eye product to get rid of dark circles or puffiness, and a nourishing overnight treatment once a week are going to keep your skin fresh and clean!
  • Another thing you can do is spend the night with a nice hair mask or preferably a DIY hair treatment to bring it to life. Massage some coconut oil into your hair, or make a DIY mask with olive oil and an egg. Use a hair-dryer to heat up your hair for a minute, put a shower cap and wrap your head in a warm towel. Doing this once a week will turn your damaged strands into silky smooth locks!
  • You can also style your hair during the night; if you do not really have the time. Braid it or wrap it around a headband to create waves. It will help if your hair is a little damp or you use a styling spray. The effortless beach waves you can get in the morning are going to look stunning!
  • Using a humidifier during the night can help you solve the problem with dry skin. It is a device that increases moisture in the air; thus, helps moisturize your skin. Change the water each day, so that no bacteria grow inside of it!
  • Apply a lip moisturizer or something more special during the night. Coconut oil or almond oil will also work great! Your lips are very sensitive and they can dry out during the night too.

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