How To Treat Stinky Armpits

How To Treat Stinky Armpits

We often don’t admit that we have some armpit issues, and more specifically – the unpleasant odor. We try to convince you that our bodies doesn’t sweat. Well, they do! And it’s nasty, gross, stinky and unwanted. Of course, there are thousands of products out there, which are created just for this purpose – to make our armpits sweat free and to smell like roses. But often, these products just doesn’t work on your body as they are expected to work. Maybe they are not compatible with your skin, no matter what is the reason, there got to be some way to feel free and fresh.

There are ways, of course. Throw away the sticks and the deodorants. Take a look at the natural home ways to treat a bad armpit odor.

Baking soda. Actually, it is as simple as it sounds. The baking soda kills the bacteria that produce the not-so-favorite body scent. Here is a fun fact that I’ve learned while watching Nat Geo, the sweat itself don’t have any scent, but there is a bacteria that feed with the body sweat and after one organism feed, it has to release the excess particles. So does and the bacterial. It feeds and then it “visits the toilet”. That’s the reason why we smell when we have some sweat on – because of the bacteria’s farts. And the baking soda kills that bacteria and even if you have some sweat, it won’t smell. Enjoy that knowledge.

Sage tea. The sage tea works as natural antiperspirant products. It prevents the excessive sweating. The effect is temporary, but it really works. Apply a cold sage tea on the armpit with a cotton ball. Let it dry, then apply again. After the armpit is completely dry, rinse the armpit with lukewarm water. If you drink the tea you will increase the effect.

Turnip juice. It’s not commonly used, but it’s an option. Squeeze the juice of the turnip and apply all of it to the armpits. It will work up to 10 hours.

Apple Cider Vinegar. You can use directly instead of a deodorant. The apple cider vinegar kills the scent that is caused by the bacteria.

Lemon juice. That one will work on two problems – the odor and dark underarm stains. It directly kills the bacteria and also has brightening properties.

Rose Water. Apply it directly to the armpits by using a cotton ball. Pour some rose water in the bath tube for the same reason, and also you will feel extremely relaxed after a bath with a scent of a rose water.

Enjoy and be odor free!

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