Interesting Facts and Myths about Bras

Interesting Facts and Myths about Bras

Men view bras as a symbol of erotic dreams and femininity. However, we, girls, know how much more there is to these pieces of lingerie. They can provide you with security, with some extra “volume” and even confidence. However, they can also sometimes squeeze your skin, press the wrong places, and make your breasts look worse or make you feel uncomfortable. Either way, they can ruin your day or evening even if they are not visible! The search for the right bra is sometimes a life-long quest. Yes, there are amazing lingerie brands that offer great stuff; still, they are often very expensive and not many among us can spend that much on a bra that you might wear for only a year. Besides, you need different colors for different outfits, etc.

Still, in order to choose the right bra, you need to know the basics about them. Read further and maybe you will learn something new!

  • The first myth we are going to address is one that has been actually discussed quite a lot in the last two decades. It regards the idea that bras can actually threaten your health. A study from 1991 claimed that women who did not wear bras faced a lower risk of getting breast cancer. However, there have been no further convincing evidence of this statement. The scientists who conducted the 1991 study believed that the results were due to factors connected with wearing a bra and not wearing it, but it is still  haunting women. Still, do not worry: you do not need to abandon your bra yet!
  • As with most clothing pieces, bras’ fixed sizing is actually like a unicorn…meaning, it does not exist! You might wear a UK size 8 usually, but some of your dresses can go up or down a size. It is the same with lingerie: each brand has its own interpretation of what the size is. Besides, a different bra style can actually require you to choose a different size. That is why we recommend adding bras to the list of not-ordering-this-online items!
  • There is another myth related to the impact of bras on your breasts and it is that sleeping in one can make them perkier. However, you should know that you do not need to give up comfort during the night: sleeping in a bra will not influence the perkiness of your breasts! If you have very big ones, wearing a supportive bra over time might be helpful, especially during workouts. Other than that, it is mostly genes and what fate has prepared for you and your body!
  • When it comes to washing your bras, there are a few things to keep in mind. First of all, wash it as often as possible. Well, if you alternate between three or four bras, you might want to wash them every two weeks, for instance. However, you should be aware that all the oil and dirt can actually have a negative impact on the elasticity of the garment. And yes, we advise you to wash them often, but you should know that throwing them in the washing machine will ruin them very fast. Make the commitment by hand washing them: it only takes five minutes! Especially when it comes to a more expensive or delicate bra: the center drum might crush the cups, stretch straps and misplace pads.

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