Juicy Color for Ombre Lips

Juicy Color for Ombre Lips

You know that every season  comes with different trends for your makeup. These trends rely on the colors, in general. Today I want to show you a how to match the color of your lips with the summer mood. Take a look at the steps and you will find everything that you need for the following design:

  • Let’s start with the tools and the products first. For the prep-step you will need a lip scrub, baby toothbrush with soft bristles, lip balm or petroleum jelly and concealer. The colors for the ombre effect are – red and peach.
  • First, exfoliate the lips with the scrub in order to create a smooth canvas for the coloring step. Moisturize the lips until the skin softens, then rub them with the lip scrub and the baby  toothbrush. Then rinse with lukewarm water and moisturize the lips again. Now the canvas is ready.
  • Continue the whole thing with a concealer all over the lips. These simple steps will help you apply the colors easier and it will protect the skin from staining because of the red color.
  • Then trace the contour of the lips with the red lip pencil. Make a thick line.
  •  Cover the center of the lips with the peach color.
  • Use a thin brush to merge the colors together.
  • Press the lips one against another to enhance the merging effect.
  • Finish the Ombre effect with a little bit more of the red and the peach colors.
  • Top these colors with transparent lip gloss or lip balm.
  • Wrap the lips with concealer in order to remove any smudges and to make the colors pop out.
  • Match this lipstick with natural looking eye makeup. A simple black eyeliner will be a perfect match for these juicy Ombre lips.

Put on the right accessories and you are ready to go out!

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