Like Father, Like Son

Like Father, Like Son

Kids often copy the behavior of their parents. This copying is a tricky way to behave your children. Sometimes the parents aren’t so great and they are not for example if they have dirty mouth all time, if they are fighting a lot or even include physical violence. But there is a lot of people, which are great on the parenting job. It seems like it comes natural for them to raise a child. And when the children copy the funny and nonchalant parts of their parents, the things turn into an adorable situation and many people have been capturing these situations in pictures.

But I should mention this: the copying behavior is not only intentionally, it is also in an unconscious level. Take a look at the pictures and have fun:

The outdoor activities are a lot funnier when you have a couple of doffs father and son, who make faces, or those who chose to dress inappropriately for their body type:



Not only outdoor activities are fun, other hobbies like playing a guitar or just playing on your phone/pad makes the both of you extremely adorable:




Like father, like son style is a real trend these days. They dress alike, they design the same “beards” and they make the same hairstyles. And what it more adorable than little man, wearing the same sneakers as the hot daddy:




I left the best for the end – the sleeping time. Even the grandpa-son-grandchild picture is so great that you are getting sleepy only by looking at them. The rest of the pictures look so natural and loving. I hope one day I will have the luck to have a son and I will make a special album  Like father, Like son, not a Facebook album, I’m talking about the traditional paper pictured album. Enjoy!





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