Makeup Mistakes That Will Harm Your Health

Makeup Mistakes That Will Harm Your Health

We love to apply makeup on our faces, but do we know the mistakes that we make, which hurt our skin health, and not only the skin, but the entire body health? I’m sure that you try to follow some kind of healthy lifestyle, by doing sport activities, eating healthy and laughing a lot with your loving family and true friends, but still, something is going wrong with your health.

Today I want to discuss with you several common mistakes that you might or might not make when it comes to makeup routines. If you make those mistakes – stop it, but if you don’t, share this knowledge with your friends in order to save them from simple mistakes that might harm their health.

The most important rule is to forget about sharing makeup with other people. Don’t lend your makeup to your friend, nor take her stuff to use them on you. This is absolutely forbidden. Have you ever heard about bacterias and how they spread? If you share your lipstick, mascara, even your foundation brush (without the product), you risk getting an infection. The worst scenario is if you share your eye makeup with someone else, you can get conjunctivitis or cold sores. I know that it is tempting and your friend is clean and showers regularly, but the infections and bacterias are unpredictable and sometimes you might harm badly only because you shared a makeup brush. So, be careful with this one, it is a huge makeup mistake.

The next huge, huge mistake is that you forget to check the expiring date on the packages of the makeup products before you throw them away (the packages I mean, not the makeup bottles). Many people use makeup products that have been expired month ago. It seems like there is nothing wrong with the product, but this date is not written by accident there. So, check the dates and follow them, otherwise you might harm your skin and health: the risk of getting an infection is highly increased if you use old products, add to that skin irritation or even developing and allergy. In order to store the makeup products properly, check the instructions on the bottle or on the package. Follow the instruction about the way you should store the makeup and write down the expiring date or just stick a note to the bottle, which you will be able to see every day.

We all know that the sleep is helping you to recover the body from the daily stress and that’s why we often say that sleeping well is making you look better and more beautiful. But if you make this mistake while you sleep, make sure that you won’t wake up as beautiful as you expect –  sleeping with your makeup on. If you put makeup on your face every day, you have to make an evening routine that includes cleaning and refreshing the skin from the makeup that you’ve been wearing all day long. For the nights when you are too tired to take a shower or go to the bathroom and wash your face, you should keep makeup removing wet wipes on your night stand and wipe off the nasty makeup mask away from your skin.

Woman Eye with Long Eyelashes. Eyelash Extension  Another risky beauty procedure is the lash extensions. The glue of the lashes might irritate your lids or if it gets in the eye, you might develop an infection. Also, you can make your natural lashes fall, because of the faux once, so, think twice when you want to have large lashes – do you want bald lash lines?

Another huge mistake, which I also make, is the color to the waterline. No matter if it is a liner or pencil, it is not recommended from the specialists to apply any type of makeup product on the waterline. The often application of pencil on the waterline might lead to infection and clogged oil glands.

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