Makeup Mistakes Which Make You Look Older
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Makeup Mistakes Which Make You Look Older

Makeup is one of women’s most powerful weapons when it comes to their appearance. It has evolved so much that you can achieve a brilliant look with affordable products (but the right ones!) and just a little skillful technique. Tons of tutorials online teach you how to move your hand and contour your face to deceive the eye of what your bone structure actually is. Makeup can create depth and elegance, dramatic gaze or seductiveness to a great extent, even if you look quite innocent with a clean face.

The variety of effects of makeup is tremendous. It can hide any flaws or hyper-pigmented  skin that is bothering you; it can make you look sexier, like a lioness, or it can make you actually look a few years older. Is the last thing actually a benefit? Well, not exactly: after all, a great portion of the cosmetic industry is built on the perception that youth equals beauty. The compliment goes: “She looks younger than she actually is” rather than the other way around.

The truth is you should not care too much about what other people think of your appearance. You can look as old as you are and still be fabulous. However, it is rather stupid to add a few years to your age by applying make up the wrong way. After all, the whole purpose of makeup is to make a person feel more confident and beautiful. Let’s take a look at a few makeup mistakes that actually make you look older than you usually do:

  • Do not underestimate the power of blush and lip color. Both of these products add a lot of life and freshness to your face. Of course, you need to go for the nuances that can emphasize your skin tone, but overall just a little kiss of blush on the cheeks and a stroke of lipstick on your lips can make your face look younger.
  • Be careful with applying concealer. It is one of the basic face products that can even your skin out, hide any fine lines, pigmentation or dark circles and simply make your face look even more flawless, after you have applied foundation. However, the tricky part comes when you have to pick the color of your concealer. Swatch it carefully while you are in store, so that it does not turn out too light or too dark for your particular skin tone. The wrong shade in your under-eye area can make you look older and just not fit with your overall appearance. Still, it is a good idea that the concealer is more on the brighter than darker side: it can illuminate parts of your face and make it look better that way.
  • Accumulating too much face powder on your skin is another big mistake. Just like concealer, it is a makeup face product that can put an emphasis on your good sides and hide flaws. It is a life-saviour for girls with oily skin as it sets the makeup products on your face and can get rid of any shine that they are annoyed with. However, you can get carried away when applying it or re-applying it during the day. Face powders tend to crease and gather in any lines on your face and can look too obvious and kind of You need to moisturize your face well before that and go for a non-oily foundation. Also, dab the face powder gently when applying it: you can add a little more later!
  • Thick and obvious lines of makeup are too dramatic for young girls. Black eyeliner or a cat-eye are great looks and can make you look more awake. Well-groomed or filled in brows are also a nice away to add some freshness to your face. However, lines that are too rough can make you look older and actually accentuate your flaws.
  • Cream makeup products are more suitable for older skin as it gets drier as you age. Face products work for younger skin, but they can crease in fine lines. If your skin is rather dry, pick out creamy, more liquid products: they will add freshness and radiance to your skin!

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