Messy Bun For Innocent Look

Messy Bun For Innocent Look

You are a woman. You must know how to achieve different styles and how to create a certain impression on other people’s opinion only with your look. A woman is a chameleon. She can be sexy and innocent, smart and goofy, according to the specific situation. A woman has to be resourceful.

The best woman is the one who is strong and independent, but never acts too bossy around her boyfriend, because a clever woman is the one who boost up the self-esteem of her man, because that will lead to amazing attitude from her boyfriend, which means – incredible and smooth relationship.

But let’s talk a little bit more about your look. I mentioned that you have to know how to look sexy, innocent, smart and etc. Let’s  achieve an innocent look first. A lot of men  adore the innocent look of a woman. Maybe they won’t admit it, but they feel more manly if they have a shy and innocent girl to protect under their strength. Is there a better way to boost up a man’s self-esteem than make him feel strong and needed? Of course, not! So, check out the look that will make you look innocent. I picture it in my head like this:

Big eyes. You can achieve that with just a little bit of makeup – nude pencil to the bottom waterline and soft color, similar to your skin complexion, to the lids. Don’t forget about the mascara and the colored lids. Also, apply some kind of coverage to the face, but not oo noticeable, you can apply a BB cream, that will be enough.

The lips must be soft and kissable looking. Exfoliate the lips and moisturize them with a matte lip balm. Don’t apply something too glossy or sticky looking. A pink tinted lip balm will do the work perfectly.

The hair. Go for messy bun and  loosen some curly strands around your face. Try this one: make a volume to the roots and  tie the hair to the back of the head. Twist the tail and wrap it around the hair band. Secure with hairpins.

Your innocent look is stunning, I’m sure of that!


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