Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Nail Art Ideas for Halloween

Halloween costumes sometimes require a lot of dedication: hair, makeup, clothes, etc., so why not use your nails to scare people too? Here are some great ideas:

  • Splattered Blood: Apply a base coat and then a white nail polish. Drop a little red nail polish and then start splattering it with a toothpick. The more chaotic it is, the more natural it becomes! It is definitely a creepy choice for Halloween.
  • Scarecrow Manicure: This nail design is an interesting twist on French manicure. Just apply a base coat and paint the tips of the nails with an orange (very significant color for Halloween!) color. After that, use a thin brush to paint a black line contour on the lower side of the orange tip and draw vertical lines, as if it is stitched.
  • Frankenstein Nail Art: All you will need is a black and green nail polish. Play around with them: you can draw monsters, stitches, or just mix the two colors to create a gruesome effect!
  • Classic Black Nails: There is not much to say here: black is the color of darkness, of evil, etc. but it is also somewhat sophisticated, so embrace it on Halloween at least!
  • Spooky Pumpkins: Keep in mind that his nail design requires longer nails. Smooth the surface of your nail by applying a base coat. Then paint your nails with a black nail polish. Draw pumpkin faces (as if they are carved in your nail) with the help of yellow and orange nail polishes: create shadows by painting the inner parts of each fragment of the face with a yellow color.
  • Spider web nails: There are many types of spider web patterns you can do. For instance, one of the simplest versions is to draw on a black base, starting from an inner corner of the nail. Draw three white diagonal lines from it and then draw horizontal, slightly oval ones across the first three. You are done!
  • Ghost Manicure: This one is quite an easy version of a Halloween! Paint your nails white, draw two black dots for eyes and one for a nose, and draw a few black vertical lines on the tips of your nails for the ghostly mouth.
  • Skull Pattern: Again, use white as the base color for your manicure and draw black skulls with two crossing bones (remember the pirate sign?) on each nail, or if you feels it is too much (even though it is Halloween and nothing is too much!), only on one nail.

Image :   Karin-Uwe-Annas Fotolia

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