Nail Art With Bright Colored Foil

Nail Art With Bright Colored Foil

If you wonder how to fulfil your time, you should try to create a beautiful nail art. You should maintain a good manicure, because people notice your hands more often than you expect. Down below you will find a great nail decoration, made with decorating foil. You will need several things – base coat, top coat, black nail polish, glue, the foil and nail file. Follow the steps one by one in order to create the wanted effect. Use bright colored foil so it will contrast with the black background. And here are the steps:

  • The shape is important. That’s why you should start with it. The recommended shape for this nail art is the square shape. Use a paper file, because it is nail friendly, which means that the nails won’t be damaged.
  • When you file the nails, you have to go through one more prep step – priming the nails. Apply a base coat, a thin layer. The base color of this nail art is the black one and it is a well known fact that the dark colored nail polishes can cause yellowing of the nails. And the job of the primer (the base coat) is to protect the nails from the harsh properties of the dark colored nail polishes.
  • And now, when the base coat is all dry, paint the nails with the black nail polish. Make sure that the nail polish is opaque, otherwise you will have to apply  a second layer of the color.
  • Let the black color dry completely too.
  • Now, apply a little bit of nail glue on the nail. Don’t try to create even shape.
  • Now stick a foil piece right on top of the nails. Press it nicely and let the glue hardens.
  • Remove the excessive foil. Do the same with the rest of the nails.
  • And finally, lock the decoration with a thick layer of top coat.



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