Nutrition and importance of the so-called functional foods

Nutrition and importance of the so-called functional foods

Functional foods are new and promising direction in the food industry. They aim is to improve people’s health and prevent from common diseases. Functional products help to increase physical endurance, improve digestion and regulate appetite. Above all, these are foods fortified with dietary fiber, bifid bacteria and lacto bacteria, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. They include also special foods for athletes, dietetic products for patients and a significant proportion of biologically active additives.

Nutritionists have long argued that food enriched with the so called bifid bacteria is particularly valuable for the health. They are needed by the body to fight harmful microorganisms – “War”, which leads the human body from birth to death. And crying baby and child because of complaints of stomach pain can be caused by a weakening of the beneficial micro flora. Poor health of the elderly are also often associated with lack of bifid bacteria.

Functional foods are good for healthy people – with prophylactic purposes, but are especially important in the treatment of disbactoriosa called by experts “scourge” of our time, in which a good home-made dinner is often replaced by “fast food” – chips, hot dog , sandwiches, etc. Products with “live” bacteria improve the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, helping in diseases of the liver and pancreas, allergies, immune system disorders. Some of them are of a great importance in cancer when patients undergo chemotherapy course and radiation therapy and natural intestinal micro flora died.

Thus, if you one of those people that just hate diet and eating the so called functional foods, then just think of it as no diet but rather a healthy eating. Willingness to comply with restrictive diet increasingly gives way to the pursuit of a healthy diet, say US observers. 29% of men and 19% of those surveyed 26,000 people said they were subjected to diet to lose weight. Same rates 10 years ago were respectively 35 and 23. “The problem with diets comes from the fact that people feel misled or even disappointed because they do not achieve the promised results. Of course, the explanation for the failure can be very different, but even the utility of compliance with any diet, people increasingly regard this as a temporary solution on the way to a healthy lifestyle, “commented the study’s authors at Reuters. Improved overall health is the most important motivation for 68% of those who are on a diet data showed. According to them, the highest number of dieters have created it themselves, after reading carefully the labels on various products and have complied with their target.

So, a combination of a dieting mindset with changing the fast food dinner with the so called functional foods can make your health jump back to normal, making you feel better than ever! And the effort is not that big for the results you get. We have outlined the importance of eating the functional foods and why it is important to eat this way and avoid when possible all the other harmful fast food cuisines you are so crazy about.

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