Organize Your Fridge For Slim Body

Organize Your Fridge For Slim Body

First of all, for any kind of body, if your fridge is well organized you will save a lot of time and money from searching around some stuff you never find, and when you find them (after a week) it is expired. I try to be practical and act Eco, and when I have to throw away food every weekend, I get really nervous and sad. Throwing away rotten food while tens of people are walking around the streets of the cities and searching something to eat – that’s unforgivable. I buy small amounts of food and rarely throw away, and the main reason for this is my fridge organization habit. Here are some tips and advices that will help you organize your fridge perfectly, and not only that, but also it will help you eat healthier and control your daily calorie intake. Another great advantage of an organized fridge is that you will be able to prepare lunch for work more easily and I bet that your homemade prepared food will be healthier than the fast food that you are having for lunch at work days.

The snacks. No matter how hard we try to avoid the snack, they are inseparable part of our daily meals, but yet, you can make a good deal out of this desire for eating small meals between the main ones – make the snacks healthy. You can achieve this by making small packages of snack in your fridge (up to 150 calories per bag). Put in there cheese and crackers, fresh fruit, cereal bar, nuts, a candy and so on. You will be able to control the food you get and while it is packed in serves you won’t take too much unhealthy stuff.

How to eat veggies regularly? Often when you want something to eat, just like that, you reach for the carrots, but they are dirty and requires a lot of work until they are ready to be eaten – washed, peeled, chopped. And when you think of all that work you just grab the package of chips and sit on the sofa – the worst thing ever! That’s how you grow your cellulite strong and huge. And just because you know yourself so well, you should prepare the veggies. Pick up your favorite jars and store in them some clean and sliced carrots, cherry tomatoes, cucumber and cauliflower. That’s how the vegetables will be ready and perfect for consumption. The same rule applies for some fruits (those who need some preparation before eating – orange, grapefruit, pomegranate etc.)

Junk No More! The best way to avoid eating and drinking junk food and beverage is to keep them away from your home. It’s natural to pick up the candy bars instead of the carrots if you have to choose, but if there are no candy bars, there wouldn’t be anything to replace the fresh veggies and fruits. The soda is the same little devil in your fridge, make sure that there is nothing but water and juices (recommended freshly squeezed) in the fridge.

Some other great tips for your food health:

Keep things that expire quickly near eye level.

Citrus fruits, onion, potatoes, tomatoes don’t need to be refrigerated. That will save you a lot of space in your fridge.

Always place the packages, cans and else with expiration labels visible to you.

Place the meat on the bottom shelf of the fridge, that’s the coolest place.

Keep fruits and vegetables in separate bottom drawers, because the veggies want highest humidity, while the fruits need to be in a dry place.

Keep everything organized and you will look amazing and stay healthy.



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