Powder Foundation OR Liquid Foundation?

Powder Foundation OR Liquid Foundation?

Buying cosmetics is one of the undisputed pleasures in life of almost every woman and normally she is always happy when the time comes for a new purchase. However, let’s face it – finding the right type and color of the foundation is always a challenge. And if the selection of he above is easier for some women, thos is a product that is particularly difficult to choose for the rest. You know how it is – standing in the shop, watching the small tubes and wondering whether you are a “sandy beige” or “toasted almond” tan or even whether their consistency will be too thick and heavy for your sensitive skin. In 9 out of 10 times, women are likely to leave a little angry, having spend a lot of cash on their foundation, which still is not exactly your color.

To choose the right foundation makeup is like choosing the right bra that will highlight the best way our breasts. The effect that we must achieve is the same – to create a prerequisite for the clothes (in case bra) for the most beautiful look and for the makeup (in the case of your foundation) to obtain the best basis of a long-lasting and irresistible look.

Liquid foundation

It is suitable for almost every skin type, the colors are varied, but the end effect varies from slightly damp to the mat. If you just want to even the skin tone, use a light foundation without aggravating ingredients and if you want to hide imperfections in full – choose a product that will ensure full coverage.

Exceptions – Liquid foundation is not suitable for women with oily skin as the final effect is a glistening surface of the face. If you still want to use liquid foundation, then choose one that contains translucent powder particles, which will take the fat. To finish, add a suitable powder to matt skin.

How to Apply It- You can use your fingers, sponge or brush for your foundation. If you apply with your fingers, before you put it on your skin, rub gently between your fingers, then with gentle tapping create a motion blur. You can use a triangular sponge for your foundation, which is also a good option for an even finish. The brush will give you a full coverage, but it is cause the pomade to be applied unevenly.

Powder Foundation

If your skin is prone to oiliness quickly, it is your right choice of basis. If you are worried that your skin will look too dry, you can use your foundation powder with shiny particles that will reflect light and give a fresh look. Opaque bases stand perfectly with current trends this season – red lips and black eyeliner.

Exceptions – Ladies with very dry skin should avoid powder foundation that will only emphasize the resulting disadvantages of the facial skin.

How to Apply It -The traditional method for applying your foundation in the form of dust, is soft, dry swabs or the fungi that are normally sold complete with the product. It is not desirable to apply with a circular or other type of movements but rather to just gently pat the skin.

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