Protect Your Skin From The Sun No Matter What

Protect Your Skin From The Sun No Matter What

The skin is the largest organ in the human’s body, it wraps up every important section and protects the body from bacteria and injuries. You job is to protect the skin from the sun. We all know that the body is in great risk when it is exposed under the strong sun rays without any kind of protection. And this great risk is called skin cancer. So, let me show you how to protect yourself from the sun with a few basic tips and then I will show you how to reapply your sunscreen over the makeup on your face:

  • Try not to expose your body to the sun rays during hot days in the time interval of 12 a.m. to 16 p.m. And if you are obligated to be out during that time, you should wear a hat, long sleeved clothes and sunscreen.
  • When you are having fun on beach, remember to reapply the sunscreen. It is not necessary to do it right after you get out of the water, because most of the sunscreens are waterproof, but after every third come-out of the water you will need to reapply the sunscreen.
  • If your vacation is long enough, you can get a perfect tan only by staying under the umbrella, because the sun rays goes through the umbrella as well, but in extremely low percentage, so basically, it won’t harm you (if you wear sunscreen of course), also you won’t get sunburns and the tan will be even all over your body.

But when I ask your to reapply the sunscreen and you are wearing makeup, how exactly you will manage to do it without messing everything on your face. Down below you will find a few tips which will show you how to reapply the sunscreen over your makeup. Take a look, I will give you three possible options:

First, you have to choose the layers in order to match and work together, not against each other. So, apply the sunscreen as a moisturizer on the face and then hide any trouble spots with BB cream or concealer. Use only liquid makeup products, even your blush has to be liquid. Sunscreen and powder doesn’t cooperate.

But if you are worried about reapplying cream over creamy makeup products, you have try the powder sunscreen. It will act like a setting powder, which means that you can put it on your foundation without any concern. The trick is to apply two layers all over the face in order to provide adequate protection. Do it with a brush in circular motions.

And my last suggestion is to lock your makeup with a setting spray with SPF. This method will save you time and another benefit is that you will be calm about your makeup and the smudges, because there won’t be any of them, the setting spray will hold the makeup while it protects your face from the sun. But the trick here is that the setting powder will need to reapply it more often – about every half an hour.

So, choose your favorite method and use it to protect your skin while you look gorgeous with your makeup on.

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